My Favourite Documentaries - Part Two

So this is part two of my favourite documentaries post.  It's a little later going up than it was meant to be but better late than never, right haha!
If you want to have a read of the first half of the post where I share with you 8 of my other favourites then you can take a peek HERE.

As with the first post I'll put the links up to where you can buy these movies, because most of them are old they are all only a couple of pounds each but as always you might be able to watch a lot of them on Netflix and Amazon Prime or whichever other way you watch movies so have a check there too!

So here goes....

1.  The September Issue - Trailer
I had such high hopes for this movie when it came out, they had billed it as a sort of behind the scenes of Anna Wintour's mind which I was just so super excited to see but when I watched it, I just felt quite let down by it.  Why is it on this list then? Well, I wasn't let down by the film itself I thought it was so fascinating and entertaining, I was just let down by the description as I went into it thinking it was about one thing when actually it wasn't really an insight into her life at all more just about Vogue in general.  I loved seeing all that goes on at Vogue (well, all that they want to let you see!) if you love fashion I think this is a must see but if you want to watch it to find out more about the mystery that is Anna Wintour, then I wouldn't bother as you really don't get to see anything of her that you haven't before.
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2.  My Kid Could Paint That - Trailer
I watched this documentary so many years ago now but it was so amazing that it has stayed with me all this time.  I came across it starting on BBC4 late one night and it was pre TiVo/digital recording times so I knew the only way I would get to watch it was if I stayed up late and even though I had school super early the next morning it was totally worth waiting till 3 in the morning to see the end.  The film tells the story of Marla, a really young girl from New York who creates these beautiful abstract paintings.  The film director makes the movie to try and get to the bottom of whether Marla is the original artist of her work or whether its all just a big art scam by her parents.  It's so intriguing and its one of those films you want to recommend to everyone after you've watched it as you have so many questions and you want to talk about it to everyone.  If you're a fan of the original Catfish movie, you will just love this.
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3.  Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's - Trailer
This is a really fun, pretty short documentary looking at life behind the scenes at the Bergdorf department store in New York.  There is a ton of info about the people who keep the store going, the store's history and a slew of famous faces who talk about their love for the place.  I liked it and thought it was an interesting look at one of the biggest icons of fashion but I would only give this one a watch if you LOVE fashion as other wise I think it might be a bit boring for you.
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4.  Super Size Me - Trailer
This is probably one of the most famous documentaries of our time, right?  I sort of guessed that there wouldn't be many people out there who haven't seen it but it definitely deserves a place on my list as I was obsessed about it when it came out.  The director of the film Morgan Spurlock, challenges himself to eat nothing but McDonald's for 30 days as the film follows his journey and we get to see the effects the food has on him and his body.  It can be an intense watch at times but it really is an insightful one too.  I really feel this was the first of the whole 'food docs' to really break through into the mainstream and have an effect on the way we see our food.  This is a must watch!
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5.  Mad Hot Ballroom - Trailer
Ahh there is nothing I can say about this other than - Please Watch It!  Just so unbelievably sweet and cute, this documentary follows a dance program that the department of education runs for some school children in New York City.  It follows them learning to ballroom dance and then going to a nationwide competition to see if they can take home the trophy.  There is just something so lovely and beautiful about how dance can really help change peoples lives and seeing how this dance program is changing how some of these children see their future is just inspiring.  A perfect Sunday afternoon watch!
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6.  Bill Cunningham New York- Trailer
This documentary follows Bill Cunningham, the new York times style photographer around New York and its just honestly so perfect.  It gives you everything you want from a fashion movie and a documentary.  Bill is such a fascinating character that you will just fall in love with and want to watch ten films about his life.  Even if your not a fan of fashion, Bill has such an interesting story that you will just love watching it anyway.
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7.  Burt's Buzz - Trailer
This film follows the founder of the all natural cosmetics company Burt's Bees, Burt Shavitz.  He led such a crazy interesting life and its a really insightful look at the company and the philosophy behind the all natural aspect of the brand too.  Such a great story and it's amazing to hear the truth of how such a massive company came to be what it is today.
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8.  Marina Abramović The Artist Is Present - Trailer
The Artist is Present follows the lead up to the aforementioned exhibit in New York's Moma by the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic.  As well as the preparation and the exhibit itself the film also briefly visits the history of Marina and her past art.  I love art and I'm super interested in learning about all kinds and forms of it.  As much as Marina's art isn't necessarily something that I love myself I can appreciate and respect how powerful it is for some people and I thought the documentary did an amazing job of showing off her work and her thoughts behind it.  I actually loved this film so much and even if like me you aren't her biggest fan it's definitely worth a watch as it really does open your eyes to an amazing type of art and artist.
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Well, there it is, part two is done.  I hope you have enjoyed these posts and have found a few new films that you want to watch.  I would love to hear your documentary recommendations and let me know if any of the above are some of your faves too!