Sunday Show and Tell

Here are some of my favourite links from the past week.  I hope you find something you like and have a beautiful Sunday....

1.  Such a beautiful article and I couldn't agree with it more 'A Small, happy life'

2.  Rob Lowe (The Most Beautiful Man In The World FACT) has a skincare line out for men and it sounds pretty awesome. And seriously if your gonna listen to anyone about having good skin, it's that man right?  Read about it HERE

3.  How to make a marriage last more than 50 years.  THIS is just so sweet.

4.  "We get so caught up in trying to 'live the dream' that we forget to congratulate ourselves on the small victories of everyday life. Aim big, but focus small." 13 young graduates tell Elle what they wish they'd been told before leaving uni HERE. I loved this, sort of even more insightful than all those inspiring grad speeches!

5. I've had THIS on repeat all week.  Her greatest hits is my favourite thing to listen to in the world right now!

6.  I am literally the biggest Gilmore Girls fan and the reunion that happened last weekend was just the type of thing that my dreams are made of.  Watch the full panel HERE.  It's such a good watch if your a fan, it's just awesome to see so many of the cast back together.

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