Review of Ultrasun Sunscreen

If you've glanced at any of my outfit posts you will know that I am super duper pale.
I always have been, I have pink-based pale skin with a ton of freckles too. I never really burn to be honest but I think that's because my whole life I have always been covered in really high sunscreen factors the minute the sun even started to shine slightly.  If I am out in sun for a prolonged period of time without any sunscreen on then I would just basically frazzle I'm sure.

I have always worn at least a 25 SPF but in recent years I have never been going below a 30SPF and last year I even wore a 50 SPF the whole summer.  I don't really care about tanning as I never go anything other than a slight golden colour and I just panic too much if I don't have a high SPF on and over the years learning more and more about how much damage the sun can do to your skin I have been upping the factors that I wear to be on the safe side.

I have been using the clear Nivea sprays the last few years and I adore them.  They are the easiest things to apply and don't leave you too sticky.  There is a slight greasy-ness to them as they are more oil based but they are great and they come in super high factors too which I love.

This year though I wanted to try something a little bit different.  I had always been intrigued by those once-a day-suncreams but was always too scared to try them because of being so pale and if I don't apply suncream every few hours I can actually feel my skin heating up until I put more on so I just really didn't think they would be for me.
But then I kept seeing a brand called Ultrasun on QVC and I really loved the sound of them.  They also have high UVB and UVA protectors  in their products which is what I always look for in sunscreen as they are both just as important as each other.

I must admit its strange going back to using creams after using the sprays for the past few years, I definitely don't like the creams as much but I was impressed by Ultrasun. 
When I used it I did only need to apply it once and my skin never felt hot or burny and my super sensitive skin was fine with all the ingredients in it which was a surprise too.

I only bought this mini pack to try it out before I went for a bigger bottle as I wanted to see if I liked it first so all of the products in this pack don't have a high enough factor for me to use which is a shame but if you have darker skin and don't need a higher factor they would work for you.

The only thing I didn't like was that the cream felt really thick and really made me paler looking when I put it on and that wasn't great but I did like that there was no over powering smell and it felt less chemically than a lot of other sunscreens that I've used before.

Am I convinced but the once-a-day-suncreams yet? Absolutely not. I think they are fine for being in the UK as the summers we get aren't crazy hot and sunny but knowing my skin there is no way that I would be able to only apply this SPF once if I was abroad and in a foreign country where the sun and heat are so strong.  I think if you have olive to darker skin then this would be perfect for you.

I would really recommend this trial kit though to give Ultra Sun a go as I think the brand is great and the suncream really does work but some skin tones may need to apply it more than the recommended amount.

Also have a read of the British Association of Dermatologists view on the once-a-day-suncreams, pretty interesting read HERE

You can buy all the Ultrasun products HERE for pretty good prices.