Review of the Lumia 435 phone

The awesome people over at Microsoft sent me this new phone to try out a little while ago but unfortunately I managed to lose the pictures somewhere in my computer.  So after finally sitting and trawling through every picture on my computer I managed to find them, I was beyond happy as I was sure I must have scrapped them by mistake but no I had just put them in the back of beyond on my computer by mistake....!

Anyway here is my review of the Lumia 435....

The Lowdown
4inch Display screen
2.0 MP camera
8 GB Memory
Front facing camera
Windows 8.1 with Denim operating system
Width -64.7mm
Touch LCD screen
Free cloud storage up to 30GB
Exchangeable back cover

What I thought
Ok, so I wanted to get all those specs out the way as with this phone I really just wanted to concentrate on what a good deal it is.  You can buy it out right on Pay As You Go from as little as £29.99 from some networks isn't that amazing?  You can also get it on contact too from as little as £9.99 but I  think where you will win with this phone is to just buy it out right and then get a cheaper SIM-only plan.  I am completely blown away by what you get by this price.  I am such a massive fan of all the Lumia phones that I have tried and I am just so impressed by how they are managing to replica their higher-end phones for such a low price.
You obviously don't get the same spec on this phone that you would on one of Lumia's more expensive models but you really don't get much less and if your a fan of the Lumia, the design, the style but just can't afford the high-spec one then this is a great way of getting some Lumia but for half the price.
The phone is just so lovely to use and just so simple and easy too.  The design is as always with Lumia, so pretty and the screen is so lovely and bright.  Again the Orange cover isn't my favourite colour but it comes in another handful of options that you can change it out for and the black one looks super pretty.
One of my favourite things about this phone is the shape of the phone and the design at the back, it's so nice to hold.  I tried to capture the more squared off edges in the photos above hopefully you can see.  It really gives it a lovely luxe looking feel.

I can't praise this phone enough, it's pretty, works amazingly well and is super cheap.  What are you waiting for, go get one, haha!

Have a peek at more info about the phone HERE