ASOS Sunglasses Haul


ASOS have got so many amazing sunglasses in at the moment, I've been wanting a new fun pair for summer in a shape and style that I wouldn't normally wear so I got these 3 pairs to try out and fell a little in love with them all.  I so didn't think I would love the round frame or the aviator style but I think they are just so cute and I love the metallic frames too, how crazy is the multi-coloured lenses, I literally feel like Penny Lane at Woodstock or something, so fun....

So I kinda need your help.  I just can't decide which pair to keep I only want to keep 1 OK maybe 2 (hehe) but I can't decide which ones.

Let me know which pair you think I suit best and should keep in the comments below.

Here are all the links to the sunglasses if you want to buy them too...

1.  Round amber glasses - £15 HERE
2.  Blue Aviator glasses - £12 HERE
3.  Rainbow glasses - £15 HERE


Anonymous said...

love them <3 great photos!
Chloe xx

jadiee bevan said...

amazing post !! had a great read
love your blog it is gawjus!!



have a wonderful day


Claire Cavanagh said...

I personally think you definitely need to keep all 3! Haha but if you MUST settle for just 2 then i think both of the round pairs suit you amazingly :)

Claire | | xx

Natalie Ann said...

Great choices! They suit you really well :)

Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

Danielle said...

love all of them, the last ones are especially cool!

danielle | avec danielle // giveaway