Sunday Show and Tell


1.  Even though Mother's Day was a little while ago in the UK, I completely fell in love with this piece TIME did to celebrate Mother's Day in America.  They asked well-known mothers to write letters to their children and they really are just so beautiful, such a lovely read HERE

2.  Have you guys seen this yet? I thought THIS was such an amazing and interesting idea.  I am obsessed with Jaclyn's beauty tutorials and I thought it was awesome that she took part in something like this.

3.  Center Stage is one of my all time favourite films (if you haven't seen it and you love a dance movie then get yourself over to Netflix and enjoy!) and THIS new ballet drama not only looks fab but seems to be reuniting nearly all the CS cast to be a part of it...I can't wait to watch it!

4.  Talking about TV shows are you watching THIS. I know it's been a big hit already in America but it's just came to the UK a couple of weeks ago.  It's the perfect replacement for the Ugly Betty hole in my life, It reminds me so much of that show, I wonder if it's because they were both based on Telenovela's and have that similar vibe.  I am finding it so funny, such a sweet light-hearted show. It's on E4 every Wednesday at 9 and if you've missed the first couple of episodes you can watch them all on 4OD right now.  I would totally recommend it!

5.  Are THESE the 10 most underrated Britney tracks of all time?  As a massive Britney fan I'm not so sure, I would agree with Blur and unusual you but as for the others I don't know.  I always loved Do Somethin' and thought it was super fun and underrated.  Which is your favourite underrated Britney song?

I hope you like the links, let me know which are your faves in the comments and I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!