My Favourite Documentaries - Part One

One thing I have wanted to start featuring more of on my blog is films.  I am the biggest film fan and I feel like I love nothing better than reading blog posts full of recommendations of awesome films, so I thought why don't I start a little series where I do the same thing.

So keep an eye out for some random posts popping up where I will share some new releases to keep an eye out for and also all my old favourites too.

One type of film that I have always been obsessed with is documentaries.  Ever since I was little I've always love autobiographies and documentaries, I've just always had this real love for finding out about other peoples life and weird and wonderful stories. 
So I thought my first film post should be sharing with you some of my all time favourite documentaries.  I've tried to whittle the list down but there is still quite a handful so I'm going to break the post down into two parts and part two will be coming next week.

I will link a trailer for all the films.  I have put next to each the ones I can find showing on Netflix and I have also put the links to buy the DVDs on amazon too although I guess if you can buy the DVDs on amazon you can probably watch them on amazon prime too, so you can check that out if you have it.

Please do leave me your own documentary recommendations in the comments below as I love finding new ones to watch and let me know if any of my picks are your favourites too!

1.  Artifact - TRAILER
I only vaguely knew about this film. I thought it was a concert movie made by Jared Leto about his band but I completely underestimated it.  It's number one on this list because it is now my favourite ever documentary and I have seen a lot of them but it is honestly that amazing.  The premise of the story is Jared Leto had decided to make a documentary about his band 30 Seconds to Mars, he wanted to film them making their new album, going on tour, that kind of thing but just as they were about to start recording they got hit with a $30 million lawsuit from their own record label.  The film then turns into something completely different, they decide to keep filming and they record this epic fight they have against their record label and Jared starts to look into the music industry as a whole.  To say it's enthralling is an understatement.  He talks to so many key players in the music industry past and present and the things you hear makes you wonder why anyone in the world would ever willingly sign a record deal, when they say your signing your soul away, it seems like a mass understatement.  I can't urge you enough to watch this, to be honest I had contemplated just dedicating a whole post to this one film, it's just that good.  Don't worry if your not a fan of his band, it really doesn't focus on their music too much or anything but if you have even the teeniest interest in music or the music industry I would just urge you to watch this amazing film.  Also I have always had the biggest crush on Jared Leto (who doesn't right?) but after watching this it will completely make you fall in love with him, he is so unbelievably different to what I thought he would be like and you really do feel for him through out this film as he kinda has all the weight on his shoulders.  This is my biggest must-watch of the whole list!
Watch on Netflix

2.  American Teen - Trailer
This really is the real life Breakfast Club.  It follows the last year of high school for a group of teenagers in Indiana.  There is the jock, the geek, the princess, you get the idea, right?
I have always had this fantasy of American high school as being just like the movies, just fun and perfect and way better than school was here, I used to always say to my mum when I was at school 'why couldn't we live in America, school would be so much better there' and my mum would always be like 'school is school no matter where in the world you are' and how right she was because after watching this it completely broke all of my illusions of a wonderful American high school experience, it looks hard and nothing like the Hollywood movies make it out to be and it actually made me thankful for my high school experience, something  I never thought I would say haha! It's such an interesting look at such  a universal experience.  I really enjoyed it.
Buy it on Amazon for £2.49

3.  Spellbound - Trailer
This film follows a group of young people who are taking part in a national spelling bee in America.  It's just such a sweet film and it's a great look at something which I had no knowledge of before hand as I don't think we really go in for the whole spelling bee thing over here.  A lovely little film that's just perfect viewing if your having a chilled out weekend.
Buy on Amazon for £7.99

4.  Venus and Serena - Trailer
I am the biggest Tennis fan but I only really like men's tennis and have just never been interested in women's tennis and always get a bit bored watching it.  I knew a little about Venus and Serena but not much about their lives off the court and when I saw this documentary I worried I wouldn't be that interested but I really loved it.  It just basically chronicles their story and how they got to be where they are today.  They are very honest and open in it which I loved and I just found it so interesting to see the tennis world from their point of view.  If you don't like tennis at all then I would give this one a pass as you will probably get a little bored but for all tennis fan's out there I think this is a must.
Watch on Netflix or buy on Amazon for £5.75

5.  Catfish - Trailer
So this was the beginning of it all.  Before the TV show, before Max, there was this documentary that Ariel Schulman and his friend made about his brother Nev.  I know that there probably isn't many people out there who have not seen the TV show that Nev makes based on this film but if you've never seen this I would definitely recommend it.  I watched this not long after it was released all those years ago, I remember being so taken aback and shocked that this thing called catfishing happened and the outcome of this film just blew my mind.  But fast forward to now after watching so many crazy episodes of catfish the TV show I honestly wouldn't even blink at the outcome of the film it just seems so tame now but it definitely is a defining moment in pop culture and the whole was it real or not tag still seems to loom over this documentary and its fun to try and work out what's going to happen.  And its a whole couple of hours watching a young-ish Nev, who doesn't love Nev right?
Watch on Netflix or buy on Amazon for £3.75

6.  First Position - Trailer
This is a beautiful film that follows 6 young Ballet dancers as they enter the final stages of a prestigious ballet competition that will affect their whole future ballet careers.  I could watch dance films all day and this one is just so interesting and the dance sequences are just stunning.  I think being a ballet dancer seems like such an intense life and its so inspiring and intriguing hearing about it first hand from people who are sacrificing having normal childhoods for it.
Watch it on Netflix or buy it from Amazon for £5.75

7.  Katy Perry - Part of Me - Trailer
I am a big fan of Katy's music but I always found her super annoying so I was interested to see what this documentary that follows her life as she tours the world would be like and I ended up really, really loving it.  I thought it was refreshing how honest and candid she was.  I can never understand the point of celebrities making films about themselves and not opening up and Katy definitely showed who she really is and let you have a glance into what her life is like.  She really does seem sweet and I would love to see one of her shows after watching the movie as her concerts just seem so much fun.  I thought it was interesting how much she showed of the whole Russell brand break up and I actually found the whole thing pretty emotional, she just seemed so sad by the whole thing.  And even though I was and always have been Team Brand, I thought she handled the whole thing really well and was so brave to let that side of her life be filmed.
Watch it on Netflix or buy on Amazon for £3.25

8.  Lagerfeld Confidential - Trailer
This is my favourite ever fashion documentary.  It follows Karl Lagerfeld just living his life and going about his business and there really is nothing more to it other than that but just watching him and hearing his thoughts and opinions is more entertaining than any scripted show could be I think.  I find the man just hilarious but I know he is totally hit or miss for people so if you already don't like him then give this a miss but if you are a fan of him like me or are interested in the behind the scenes of the fashion world then this is a must for you.
Watch on Netflix or buy on Amazon for £7.90