Kylie Jenner Mac Lip Colour Duo


The infamous Kylie Jenner MAC duo.
I had to give in to the hype and have a try of them myself.  I felt like I had withheld for long enough and I wanted in on the 90's lip action.

To my knowledge Kylie has never herself confirmed the exact shades or make of lip liner and lipstick that she uses (although, maybe I'm wrong?) But I know that a lot of people at Mac have come out and said that it's mostly Whirl lip liner and Brave lipstick that she uses (although again, there are another few shades flying about that they think she uses when she does a slightly pinker shade Velvet Teddy being one of them) So I thought I would go ahead and try those two to see if I liked the results.

I really, really do love the shade Kylie wears I think its super flattering on her and suits her complexion perfectly and I love that its matte for a change but I feel like I am so much paler than her that I just didn't know if the colours would suit me.

I am wearing the lip liner all over my lips and then the lipstick over the top of it in the above picture and as you can see it looks a lot more brown-toned on me than it does on her. 
To be honest I'm not too sure what I think of the both of them together, worn the way she does them.  I've only worn them on top of each other a hand full of times and I'm just not sold on it myself.
I think the lip liner is nice but it's just a tad too brown for my skin tone, I think it makes me look a little 'hi, it's 1995 and I don't know how to properly apply make-up yet' if you know what I mean?
Whereas I LOVE the lipstick, its weird that I love it so much because they are basically the same shade but the lipstick is just a teeny tiny amount pinker and I think that's the difference for me and why it works for my skin tone a little better.

I had taken some pictures with me wearing the liner on its own and the lipstick on its own so you could see them apart but the camera just picks them up as being the same colour on my lips and I didn't see the point of putting them up but in real life you do notice that slight difference when they are on me of the lipstick just brightening my face a little more, I also love that its matte but not super drying and lasts for so long.  I found that the liner didn't budge at all until I took it off but it gave my lips a really horrid dry feeling all day!

Also just to note I wasn't trying to over-line my lips or anything, that's just totally not my thing I just wanted to try the colours to wear normally as I really liked the shades on her.

So there is my 2 cents into the Kylie Jenner hype, what do you think, do you like these Mac colours or are you over the whole Kylie look?


Kotryna Bass said...

that lipstick really suits you! I love natural color lips! :)