James Read Clear Bronzing Mist Spray Tan Review


So after going back to having dark hair and leaving my blonde-ness behind me (for the moment) I decided this would be the summer I embraced all things fake tan.  The reason why having my own natural dark hair colour always freaks me out a bit (a lot) is because I feel like it makes me look even paler than I am and when your as pale as I am to start with its not the best look.
I have always been pale even when I go on holiday or sit in the sun I don't really tan I just get more freckles (which might be more to do with the fact that my whole life I've worn a factor 25 and last summer I actually reached the heady heights of a factor 50+, I know don't be jealous haha) but I'm actually ok with it because whenever I've tried fake tan in the past they have all just been too dark and orange in contrast to what my actual skin colour is so I just sort of gave up trying them years ago and embraced my Scottish pale-ness haha! Well until now that is.  So get ready to join me this summer on my path to becoming a golden goddess um... of sorts and have a peek at the first tan I've tried out so far....

The Tan
This is the James Read Clear Bronzing Mist spray tan.  If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I am the biggest fangirl of QVC, and I genuinely mean it in the most un-ironic way too.  If my TV doesn't have Friends on in the background then it has QVC. Seriously, the love is real.
A little while ago QVC started to sell the James Read tanning range.  For those who aren't familiar with James, he is the celebs go-to tan man and has been doing the rounds of the celeb world for years with his tanning skills.  So he put all his years of knowledge to good use and finally brought out his own range.  One of the other (many!) things I love about QVC is that a lot of the time it has the creator of the product they are selling on the show to tell you about the item and they always have James on to sell his products, show you how they work and give you his tips and tricks.  James literally seems like the funniest man and his love of QVC would nearly rival mine I think, he really does make me laugh when I watch him and he sold me on his range which is why I went ahead and purchased the above tan.

The Results
This is a clear mist spray.  When they say its a fine mist they really mean it.  It's so light you barely feel it touch your skin.  You spray whichever areas you want covered in quick strokes and leave to settle for a min or two and that's it, your done.  Because the spray is clear there is no guide colour that you have to wash off so you just wait around 3-5 hours and your colour develops.  Because of watching James on QVC I had picked up on a couple of things he said and tried to remember them for when I was applying the tan like putting your hand into a claw shape so that the mist hits all around your fingers too and doesn't give you any lines which seems to really work.  He also mentions that this tan is a layering tan, so you can put as many layers on to achieve your desired results.  Because I am so beyond pale I always think tans like this which are 'bronze' tans rather than dark tans don't show up too well on me so I had already decided to put on a few layers.  After I first applied the tan I waited 5 Min's and then done another fine layer, I then waited about an hour and done a third layer.  Because the tan takes a few hours to develop I obviously didn't know if maybe I had made it too dark but when the colour came out I couldn't have been happier and I will always do three layers in the future.

The Verdict
I LOVE this tan. Like really love it.  I am beyond happy with the colour.  It is the only time I have ever worn fake tan that didn't feel fake.  It felt like the colour I would naturally go if I was a little more chill with the high factor sunscreen when I'm in the sunshine.  It was definitely a bronzed colour rather than a brown or an orange.  It also seemed to do absolutely everything it claimed to do.  It dried faster than the bottle even claimed, there was completely no stickiness and you can jump straight back into your clothes.  I also have no marks on my clothes, pillows or bedding which is just crazy good when it comes to tan.  There was no smell at all and the classic 'tan' smell only appeared slightly the next day but could have been due to the fact I did have on three layers but to me I would always expect a slight 'tan' smell and it really doesn't bother me at all.  It has lasted so long and when its fading it gradually fades rather than in patches which is always a relief.  I have the most sensitive skin in the world and I was so nervous about using it on my face but I wanted to give it a go and I'm so glad I did.  Not only was my skin ok with it but it felt really nourished with it too. 

The only thing I struggled with about this tan was the spraying.  I think I got an older version from QVC because I just have like a normal spray can whereas the new ones seem to have a fancy spray head on them so that might make all the difference.  I did find spraying certain areas a little difficult, like the under side of my arms and the like but I think that is just something I will get the hang of and get used to the more I use it.  I can't rave enough about how much I love this product, it's the colour that I am just so impressed by and I've just seen that he makes a mousse which I'm thinking I definitely want to try next if it's the same formulation as this because maybe I would find it easier than the spray and still get this awesome colour!

Also I just wanted to do a comparison Before and After in the above photos because I wanted to show what a difference in colour it makes to my skin and how lovely and bronzed it left it looking.  Obviously if your starting off a little darker than me then it would give you a bit of a deeper glow too.

If your looking to try a new tan I would recommend this 100%.
Buy it on QVC for £19


HazelxJoy said...

this is interesting. very interesting indeed.
I've pretty much given up on fake tans after so many disasters but this sounds good. I like that you spray it on but don't have to then rub it in and the colour looks so good. I'm not after a deep colour, just something a few shades darker than my natural pale would be good.
I'll definitely consider trying this!
Thanks for sharing x

Ellie Adams said...

Ooh this tan looks so amazing on you lovely, such gorgeous bronze but natural colour... definitely next on my list to try :)