Eyeko Rose Gold Eyeliner


I had been wanting this eyeliner for so long.  I think I first saw it sometime last year maybe even before that but I couldn't find it to buy anywhere.  I don't know if it just kept selling out or if it was just limited edition to start with possibly but as luck would have it I saw it back on sale just before my birthday and my sister bought it for me for as a present!

If you've read this blog for anytime at all you'll know that I am the biggest fan of eyeliner, if I'm not rocking my liquid line then it's my gel liner always with a flick.  I just think it finishes off a look perfectly and I thought adding in the gold element would just totally switch up my normal liner routine.

To start with I wanted to try something really subtle with it, so I drew a thin line of gold under my lashes and brought it just a teeny bit into the corner of my eye too just to add that extra pop.  Because it's super subtle it was hard to photograph but I hope that you can see it just glistening slightly in the above (super close, sorry!) photo.
I can't tell you what a lovely effect this has on your overall make-up it just gives such a lovely brightening look and really opens your eyes up so much!

The colour is called Rose Gold but I would say that it is definitely a pure gold colour rather than rose, its so pigmented and metallic.  It honestly looks so beautiful.  Its such a smooth consistency and the brush is so thin and fine and is perfect for drawing a lovely line.  I can't wait to do a thick flick on my upper line with it too, I just think it will be so pretty!

I can't recommend this enough to you and I've found it on sale for £16.80 on BeautyBay
Let me know if your loving this as much as me and if you've tried it or not?