How to Get Big Curly Hair

Big Hurr Don't Curr...
I wanted to show you one of my favourite curling wands.  I've had this wand for years and years but it still works better than most I have ever used. 
It's from a brand called H2D or Hair2Day, I don't really know anything much about them other than I (think?) they might be Australian and they sell a range of hair tools.

I have naturally curly hair but my own curl is big and it's always lovely to use this wand to get a teeny tiny corkscrew curl when I want to go for a different look.

I don't use anything on my hair to keep the curl in or seal the curl and it lasts for days after I've done this but if you have thinner hair or naturally straight hair I would always lock it in with some hair spray after you have finished styling your hair and if your hair really struggles to hold a curl I would put some mousse on your hair after you've finished curling it, this will help you get more volume and keep the curl longer then you can give it all a once over with some hair spray.

This is such an easy look to achieve, I take quite big sections of my hair and curl them around the wand from the root to the tip.  You really want your root to get curled here as that's where you will get all the volume.  I have a ton of hair and it only took me about 15mins to do this. 
I like it to look super messy and kinda boho though, so I'm not too precise but I think that's they key to this look not seeming too 'done' if you know what I mean?

After I curl my whole head then I take my fingers and break up every curl, I do this a few times and it's amazing to watch your hair get  bigger and bigger every time.  I then shake my head upside down and again put my hands through it.  This really does add a lot of that frizzy texture which I just love so much and think works so well with this look but if you don't like that look then skip putting your head upside down.
And that's it, you left with lovely, massive, 70's style messy curls that give your hair so much natural looking volume and stay in for days.  You will just need to make sure you keep putting your fingers through your curls or shaking them up to keep it looking separated throughout the day!

You can buy this on Amazon for £44.99
Oh and p.s its a 9mm-13mm wand which is why you get the pretty small curls rather than beach-type waves because the wand has such a small barrel.


Anonymous said...

The curls are very Mariah in the 90's. Very cute x