Festival Cape

Shawl/cape/poncho* - WearAll - £20 (Get 10% off your whole order using code TREAT and get Free P+P too)
Tee - ASOS -£12
Jeans - ASOS
Birkenstocks - ASOS

Yah It's my birthday (literally have been singing that Wil.I.Am song alllll day) but I just wanted to pop up a quick post as I couldn't wait to show you my new shawl/cape/poncho thingy.  I can never decide what to call it but I am in love with it.  It is so me and totally right up my street.  I could just live in things like this, so comfy and hippie-ish (is that a word?) but still just looks awesome thrown over a simple outfit.

I think this is quite a festival inspired look, well its as festival-ish as I get anyway haha! I would totally rock this poncho if I was going to stand in a muddy field for two days and listen to music.  I think it would keep you warm but also give you that Woodstock-type 70's vibe too.

I have been wearing it over everything and I can't wait till it gets a bit warmer as I think it will be great with shorts too and it's the perfect thing to always carry around with you for when the sun starts to go down and the air gets a bit cooler at night but not cold enough for a jumper or jacket.

I don't know if its 'officially' reversible, but it 100% works at being worn two ways and I love that it gives you the option of changing the colour up depending on what your wearing.

I just popped on my Birkenstocks (which I am also in love with) chucked my hair up in a messy high ponytail and added a classic red lip to complete the look.

Also excuse the posing in the first few photos, I literally can not wear this without flailing around in circles and swishing it about, its just a bit of a must when your wearing something with tassel's on it...um, right? haha!

I hope you like this fun and simple outfit, let me know if you will be jumping on the poncho trend this summer, I'm such a fan!

Oh and eat some cake, your totally allowed, its my birthday...!


Sara • EAST OF SIAM said...

It looks great on you, but I'm not totally sure about the poncho trend. Maybe with more fringes. Everything with more fringes haha. x

Samio Renelda said...

I absolutely love that cape, the print is gorgeous! Hope you had a fabulous birthday! =D


Violet Roots said...

Those colors are great! So vibrant! I would wear a ton too! & happy belated birthday!


Anonymous said...

Late commenting, but I love the poncho! And what lipstick are you wearing, it's gorgeous?!