Death To Flowers Gift Box

I'm so excited to show you this post today because I just love the idea behind the whole product that I'm reviewing.
The lovely Susi got in touch with me a little while ago to tell me all about her new company called 'Death To Flowers'.
At first I was all like 'oh hell no' when I saw that name pop up in my inbox I thought it was some crazy mail about something weird happening to flowers but once I saw the website and read a bit more about the brand I literally fell in love with it.  Susi was kind enough to send me a box to try out and review for you all to see what they are really like.
I know I don't have to but I just once again want to stress to you how I never ever take a sample of something to review or try out for you if I don't think its looks amazing and I promise I always give you my honest opinion.  If I don't like a product when it gets sent to me I just don't feature it on my blog, simple as that! ohhhhkkk, now that's covered, Here is my review....

What is Death To Flowers
It's for those moments where you would normally send flowers to someone but you know the person who your sending them to doesn't really like flowers or its just not personal enough to show them how you feel, so the idea is that you go to 'Death To Flowers' and send them one of their boxes as an alternative to flowers. 

The Boxes
The boxes work in the same way all those beauty type boxes work, a box with a theme and then a random assortment of products in it.  There are 4 boxes and the themes are - Love, Sympathy, Congrats and Thank You.  Each box is specific to the theme and is filled with a handful of fun gifts.
Each box costs £15 and you can personalise the box at checkout by adding a message to whoever your sending it to and then the company will send it on and instead of them getting a knock at the door and seeing a bunch of flowers they will get a super cute, fun and quirky personalised gift they can keep!

My Box
I picked the Congrats box to try out as I thought that was the one that most people would buy.  It covers a lot, new job, new house, you've had a baby that kinda thing.  Everything in the box was super cute and had a real retro, old skool vibe to it from the little teeny tiny pegs that were attached to the cards to the music box that was one of the gifts.
Here is what I got in my box-
- Mini wind-up organ playing ‘Congratulations’
- A ‘dancing lady’ temporary tattoo
- A bar of gourmet chocolate
- A vintage cigarette card
- A fortune cookie, with words of wisdom from either Beyoncé, Cher, Britney or Swifty
- A congratulatory postcard

I really loved what came in this box.  My favourite thing was the music box, so damn cute and such a fun little gift and the fortune cookie with the saying inside was really sweet too.
I'm not gonna lie though, I totally had to google what a cigarette card was but turns out it's a card that they used to...yup you've guessed it put in old packs of cigarettes, I truly did not know that these were a thing but seemingly a ton of people collect them. Its actually really nice and has a some lovely writing on the back too.

My Thoughts
As much as I loved the idea when I first heard about it, I love it even more now after seeing the box in real life.
I love flowers, but I'm not really the kind of person who would want someone to buy me a bunch of flowers but I would be super happy if they bought me this instead.  It just feels really personal and like the person who bought it for you has put a lot of thought in to it.  I just adore how quirky all the gifts are too, I think it's perfect for younger people to gift to each other who wouldn't naturally want to buy each other flowers but wouldn't want to spend a load of money on a massive present either.
Most big bouquet's of flowers that you get online to send to people would be around the £15 to £25 mark for an average bunch I would say, so you would be paying the same amount but you'd be giving someone something that not only is really unique but they can keep too.
I'm so impressed by 'Death To Flowers' and I couldn't wait to introduce it to those of you who might never of heard of it before as I think it's something that a lot of you might really love!

Let me know what you think and if you would send a box like this to someone?
You can look at what's inside all the boxes on the website and order one on there too. HERE is the link.