Book Review - Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

Who is Aliza Licht?
Well she is the queen of twitter basically, but officially she is the head of Global communications at Donna Karen international and she is the voice and personality behind the once anonymously written twitter account of DKNY PR GIRL.
She has also been voted as one of the most awesome people to know in New York by nearly every publication you can think of and her twitter account is one of the most followed in fashion. 
She was one of the first people in the fashion world to really see what social media could do for a brand and designer and jumped on that twitter train to help transform DKNY into the brand it is today.
So she has decided to collect all her knowledge and advice and pack it into a book (with a crazy cute cover) for all of us to read....

What is the book about?
When I first heard about the book, I knew it would be something that I would love to read and I was super excited when I got given an advance copy so I could check it out.  I have literally read every fashion how-to type book that exists I think.  It started when I was little when my Christmas lists would be filled up with fashion memoirs and biographies of everyone and anyone in the fashion world and their books that tell you how you too can achieve their sparkly lives (although it totally should be noted that some of these books turned out to be unofficial biographies of these people, so for a long time my facts on the fashion world were a little um, was the early days of Amazon people).
And to be honest as much as I was looking forward to this one I really did think it would be pretty similar to all the other 'fashion' type books I've read but turns out I was wrong.
'Leave Your Mark' is obviously about fashion but to be honest its more of a life how-to book than a how to become the-next-Mary-Kate-and-Ashley book (but seriously, can someone please release that, because like isn't that all our dreams, right).
It's all based on Aliza's life and she gives you advice and tips based on her experiences.  The book is a collection of stories from her life, from being little to where she is now.  She intertwines her advice through the stories showing you what she did and tells you what you could learn from her mistakes or successes.  The biggest thing to note though is although this works great if your looking to head into the fashion and beauty world it also works just as well if your, well not. 
You could really take her advice and use it in whatever career you have.  She encourages you to make the best first impression and how to handle yourself in the work place, things like this could be put to use no matter what walk of life your from.

My Thoughts on it...
I really enjoyed this book, I found it super interesting, way more interesting than a lot of fashion mentor type books I've read.  I think its great to hear the point of view from basically the first generation of social media successes.  Sometimes with twitter, instagram and everything else being so common and popular its easy to forgot that just a few years ago they didn't even exist and there was no such thing as social media.  Companies and brands like DKNY had to promote themselves in such different ways that it really is amazing how quickly and efficiently Aliza could see how awesome twitter was going to be.  I found it much more interesting hearing about the business side of fashion rather than the design process which is a first for me.  I thought there were so many useful tips that I could use from the book and also it was just really great hearing from such a successful person and learning what they did and didn't do, I find things like that really inspiring.

You'll like it if...
You like books that you can learn from.  If you like hearing about other peoples lives and how they became who they are.  Also the most obvious reason would be if you are a fan of fashion and already follow Aliza on twitter then you will no doubt fall in love with this book too.  It's also worth noting that its a lot less intense and vicious than some other fashion books have been lately. I'm just not a fan of that whole you gotta be mean to be powerful tone that some recent fashion books have had and thankfully Aliza's couldn't be further from that, this is more of a if your a good person and work hard, you'll win type tone.  Which I can totally get on board with!

I couldn't recommend this book to you enough you can now buy it on Amazon and on Kindle too.

P.s I don't have the super cute cover because mines was a preview copy but every other version comes with it!


Kylie L said...

Sounds really interesting actually! Currently reading the Game of Thrones books but I'll definitely keep this in mine!