Jeans, Tee and a Blazer

Blazer* - £15 - WearAll
Tee - £12 - ASOS
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Nelly

Hello beautiful people, I'm back after a little blogging break and I'm so super happy to start posting again.
I have some new hair and a new outfit to show you today....
I finally got my hair done and got rid of my blonde ends which I was so  happy about as I was totally ready for a change,  I got it cut a teeny bit and got loads of new layers in it too.  I left it sort of messy/boho today for these pictures as it was so lovely and warm and I love just having simple hair on days like that.  The trouble with having had so much blonde in my hair before is that after the first wash of my hair this week after I got it dyed, the ends are already starting to go light again, which is a little annoying but I'm just happy that its (mostly) one colour again for a little while!

I popped on a super simple outfit today, I love pairing a simple tee with a blazer as I think a blazer really pulls an outfit together.
I always feel really smart when I have one on as I normally tend to wear more laid-back clothes but that's why I love rocking them when I want to look a bit more put together.
This blazer is my new favourite, its the colour I fell for, I sort of want everything in that beautiful cranberry colour this summer.  I also loved how the blazer doesn't have any buttons so it looks a little less formal but still structured.

I'm so happy to be back blogging and I can't wait to share with you all my new posts and get catching up with all your blogs too, leave me your links below and i'll get checking them out.

P.s WearAll, where I got my blazer from are doing free delivery and 10% off everything on their website just now if you pop in the code TREAT at checkout!


laura said...

Welcome back to blogging lady! I love the colour of that blazer x

- Karen said...

The colour of your blazer is so gorgeous! You're right, it really does complete the outfit & bring it together :) you look fab!

Style Sunrise ☀


x said...

Great colors x Welcome back!

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