MAC Fix+ Setting Spray Review

Make-up setting sprays have been around for such a long time with new versions popping up all over the place but to be honest with you I was never that convinced by them.
I have skin that tends to be on the drier side so I've never really had a problem with my make-up sliding or moving on my face so I never really thought it would be of any use to me.
Then I started to use my YSL touché éclat foundation (which I am in LOVE with) but because its so super luminous it naturally doesn't last as long as a matte foundation so I started to look into setting sprays to see if maybe they would help make it last a little longer on my face.

There are tons out there and I heard a lot of good reviews about a couple of them but nearly all of the ones I looked at only set your make-up which is fine but when I stumbled upon the Mac Fix+ reviews I knew I had to have it in my life.

I am so glad I went for this one and I can't tell you how wrong I was about setting sprays, well this one at least.  It does so much more than set your make-up so here are a few things that I use mine for-

1.  Um..setting my make-up - Ok, so this is pretty obvious  but I wanted to mention it because it really does set my make up great.  Nothing moves (although, as I said above I never really had a problem with that anyway so I don't know how much I can judge that aspect of it?) but it really has extended the wear time of my foundation.  If you wear a really dewy foundation too then I can't recommend this enough.

2.  Prep my skin before make-up - I've found that putting a thin mist of this on my face before I apply any make-up helps my skin from becoming too dry and helps my make-up just look that bit better and more flawless.

3.  To give me a dewy glow- So if I'm being honest this was the main reason I was convinced to buy this product.  After watching so many YouTube tutorial where girls would use this to make their make-up really dewy and highlighted it just looked so amazing, I knew I had to try it!  I am a bit obsessed with the whole highlighted, glowing skin look so when I tried this and it just gave my face a sort of luminous glow I was so happy.  It really does make a difference to how awake you look. If you are a fan of that healthy glow look then I would say you need this in your collection.

4.  To intensify eyeshadows - I have been spraying a little bit of the Fix+ on my eyeshadow brush before applying the shadow to my lids as it really helps make the pigment stronger and obviously helps keep the eyeshadow in place longer.  I used to always just add a little water to my brush to do this before but I notice how much stronger the effect is using the Fix+

5.  To dilute a base - If your wanting a lighter coverage of foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturiser whatever it may be, just add a little bit of this to your product and it thins it out a little to give you a lighter, more natural base.

6.  On it's own - When I'm not wearing any make-up I just apply my moisturiser and then spray a little bit of this over the top to make my skin look fresh and glowy and it really does make your skin look lovely.

7.  To refresh during the day - If you've been out all day and your make-up is starting to cake or just looks cracked and old then spray this a little and it brings it alive again.  You can take a brush and even rebuff your make up again to bring it all together and rejuvenate it.

So there is my verdict on Fix+, I am such a massive fan and wished that I had looked into setting sprays ages ago rather than passing them off as a bit of a fad as I have completely fell in love with this one.

Are you a fan of setting sprays? Which one is your favourite?

You can buy this one from MAC for £15.00 or try the travel size here for only £10.00


Milly. said...

A pretty thorough review! I'm more than a little obsessed with MAC products, it's so dangerous...haha. Glad you got everything you wanted from it :) I hate when you spend a lot of money on something and then...nothing x