The Perfect Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are one of my desert island must-haves.
I still can quite get my head around why everyone doesn't use them. 
They make such a massive difference to your lashes and open up your eyes so much and make them seem so much more alert and awake.
Even when I'm not wearing mascara I always make sure to curl my lashes as I think it just makes you look so much better.
I have used boots own brand eyelash curlers since I was about 13, they last for so long and have a great shape to them but unfortunately they changed the head of the curler a few years ago to a less curled shape and I've just never felt like they curled my eyelashes right after that.
I have been on the hunt for a perfect pair ever since and have never had any luck until I came across these beauties.
First can I just say, how pretty is the gold....ah love it!
And secondly they are just amazing.  I am so happy I found them, they are made by Ted Baker and I just love them.
The thing that sets apart a good from a bad eyelash curler is how much of a curve the top of the curler has, the more of a curve, the more of your lashes it will catch and curl and open your eyes up more.
Also the pad of the curler is important too, if its too soft it will just slice your lashes and if its too hard you will barely make a dent in your lashes.
This one has the perfect curve and the perfect pad too, soft but also springy which gives a really beautiful look to your lashes.
I couldn't recommend these enough.
I can't seem to find them online but you can normally just pick them up in a boots store for about £8 at the Ted Baker stand or the eyelash curler section.
Are you a fan of eyelash curlers? Which one is your favourite?


* Helen * said...

Oooh looks lovely, thanks for sharing! :)

I have a new outfit post on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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Victoria Talia said...

Only recently I started using an eyelash curler religiously and I definitely notice a huge difference. In fact, most days I don't even wear mascara because of the mess it makes so at least if I curl my eyelashes, I feel a little bit more made up. I am still using a cheap eyelash curler and am looking into upgrading so I might have to consider this one if I can find it in a store near me. :)