Mini Eiffel Tower


I am in love with my little Eiffel Tower.  Being obsessed with all things Paris, my mama got me this for Christmas as she knew I had my eye on it and it's even more beautiful in real life.

It's actually a jewellery stand but I couldn't decide if I wanted to put rings or bracelets on it and then realised how pretty it looked just being an ornament so until I decide what I want to adorn it with its currently keeping my magazines and books company on my ladder bookcase.

It's from the sweetest online shop that sells so many lovely things at such great prices.  The store is called Gifts & Pieces and you should definitely have a little peek on there if your looking for something just that little bit different.

You can buy the Eiffel Tower HERE for £6.50


Victoria Talia said...

That is seriously the cutest little thing. That was so sweet of your mom to give it to you. I love things like this- I wish they made one in a London phone booth shape or Big Ben (as I'm obsessed with all things British :)