Review - Lumia 535

I have been so super excited to share this post with you guys.  A little while ago, just before Christmas the awesome people over at Microsoft gave me the chance to be one of the first lucky peeps to have a peek at their new phone that they hadn't released yet.  I was so excited to get the phone and have a play around with it and see how it compared to all the other Lumia's that I have been trying out especially as it was unreleased, we all love a bit of an exclusive, don't we!

So let me give you the lowdown so far on this phone....
As most of you will know Microsoft bought over Nokia (well the part of it that makes phones) last year.  All the new Nokia phones were already using the Microsoft software so nothing much had changed so far with any of the devices until this phone.  This is the first official Microsoft branded phone, basically where any Nokia label would have been on a phone it's now a Microsoft label in it's place, so the full blown takeover is complete and Nokia mobile phones are no more (3410 you will always have a place in my heart, memories of spending countless classes at school playing Snake will never be forgotten, love you longtime Nokia).  So there is the back story.  This phone was being billed as a more accessible entry level phone, meaning more affordable, less of the stuff you don't need on it and more of the stuff that you will actually use whilst still trying to keep the same sort of performance as the higher performing Lumia's have.   So shall I get on with telling you if I think it lives up to all that hype then, why the heck not, right....

Appearance and Design - Even though this is the first Microsoft branded phone it's kept the same design of all the other previous Lumia's, give or take a few tweaks.  It's still pretty big but has lovely curved edges which sets it apart from say the more angular features of the 930.  It doesn't feel as bulky either there is a lightness to it that I've not felt from the other Lumia's, which I personally love.  The design seems more playful than their other phones and definitely like it's aimed at a different section of the market.  Because it's a more affordable phone I feel like the design is reflective of the type of customer who would buy it, someone who is looking more for a phone that will not only do everything great but still has to be a stylish phone.  I love that the back shell of the phone is interchangeable too, you can buy an array of shells to put on (the matte black looks just beyond beautiful and the glossy blue looks so pretty too).  That part of the design actually reminds  me of when Nokia first started to do that with their old phones back in the day, I think that's another reason why I feel like this is a phone aimed at a slighter younger market than the other Lumia's.  I can't imagine  someone who buys a phone because of its awesome specs to really care about changing out a shell cover whereas that would be a big pull for someone like me who maybe cares more for stuff like that.

Screen - Like I said above the screen is super big.  It's a 5 inch screen and its really impressive.  The 960 x 540-pixel resolution makes for really clear and sharp colours with easy to read text and fonts.  Most budget phones that this will be competing with don't have screens anywhere near as big and this really does make a difference especially if your watching youtube or skyping.  Oh and I also wanted to mention here that you might have heard rumours about the touchscreen on this phone being a little sluggish and unresponsive, I had seen a couple of tweets about it before I got the phone so I was interested to see what I thought of it.  I am happy to say I had no problems at all with the screen, I thought it was really quick and I didn't have any kind of problem at all with it.  Also I hear that Microsoft had/are rolling out an update to fix any problem that there may have been with the screens before they hit the shelves, so hopefully anyone who had any problems have got them fixed.

Camera - There is a front facing and back facing camera on this phone both with 5 Mega-pixels.  The front facing camera is genuinely awesome its really clear and has a wide angle view which means that you can get more into your photos (or let's be honest selfies, right?) and when you Skype you will be able to get your whole face in without holding it as far away as possible from you and looking all kinds of awkward (We've all been there people).  The back facing camera has a LED flash too.  There is a really cool selfie app on this Lumia and it has great effects and filters and makes it really easy to upload to twitter/facebook etc.  I really feel like all the cameras on Lumia phones are their big selling point and this one is no different. Similarly prices phones just don't seem to be able to compete with the Lumia cameras in my opinion.

The Extras - The phone comes with 8 GB of internal storage and because its a Microsoft phone it comes with all the Microsoft benefits like having 15 GB of free OneDrive storage too.  It also has Office and Outlook intergrated into the phone and of course comes with the sparkly new Cortana experience. 

When is the phone out and Price - Well the phone officially launched in the UK yesterday and you can buy it unlocked on Amazon for £97 and I expect you will be able to buy it on contract from all the big phone providers soon, I'll keep you updated if I hear anymore.

Verdict - This phone is perfect for me or someone like me.  What do I mean buy that, well it definitely doesn't have as high spec's as the other Lumias that I have reviewed in the past so in a way it can't complete with them but it's not supposed to.  It's competing with completely different types of phones, the ones I would buy and it definitely beats them all in my opinion.  I love phones and gadgets and getting to test out all the cool and impressive things they can do but when it comes down to it, I like a phone that can do everything amazingly well, look super pretty but also be kinda cheap.  And if I'm honest that's the most important part for me, the price.  Not everyone can afford the £300 price tags that are on so many phones but for those of us that can't ( why should we have to settle for awful quality, big clumpy phones that don't always last out till the end of your contract.  So that's where this phone fits in, it fills that void for people like me great.  I want a phone that can do all the fancy stuff and work amazing but I don't want to pay the cray, cray price tag.  So I understand when you read some reviews for budget phones that say they aren't as awesome as the latest iphone or something but you have to remember that's not what they are meant to be and to compare them is a little silly in my mind.  A phone like this is awesome in it's own right and is great value for money too.  If you want a fun, affordable phone that still has all the awesome capabilities then this is for, and me.  Let's all buy one and swap shell coloured covers like its 1999......
You can find out more about the phone on HERE too.

Let me know what you think and if you are a fan of the phone?