Stories About Famous People

These made me laugh.
They are all New Yorkers real life stories about run-ins with celebrities.
I could listen to people talk about meeting/seeing/observing famous people all day.  I think there is something just so fascinating about hearing someones real encounter with people who we hear so much about and then getting to actually hear what they are like in real life situations. 

'Meeting Famous People' stories make me laugh the most though because most people just end up saying/doing the craziest things in front of celebs, it's like everyone loses their social skills for a minute when you come face to face with someone off the telly as it's such a weird thing and no matter how hard you try and not say something absurd it normally just always ends up happening.  Unless your my mum, she is one of those people who is just always ready in life for her next celebrity encounter, its like she was born for it.  If we are somewhere and  I'm like 'omg is that -insert famous persons name- and she's like, right I'm off to casually strike up a conversation about the weather,  She has no issue with talking to these people, unlike me who runs in the opposite direction due to my sheer awkwardness.  On a side note I should also point out that I think I see celebrities everywhere, I'm one of those people who even in the most unlikely of places for a famous person to be,  I'm always 100% sure its them, until they turn around and I'm like oh, so Brad Pitt isn't in the local Post Office after all then.  But I am always on alert for a good celeb spot.

Other that my big moment with Liza (you can read the story HERE) I've not had many celeb run-ins , obviously due to the aforementioned inability to not run away from them but I want to hear about your stories. How do you deal with celeb encounters and have you got any funny celeb run-ins you can share, I would love to hear....



Milly. said...

Ah I actually love these, I've never seen them before! I don't really have any funny celeb run-in stories sadly, but I've met a fair few through work and the like over the years! x