Review - Nokia Lumia 930

So the awesome people over at Microsoft got in touch with me again to see if I'd like to review one of their phones for my blog as I loved the last one they sent me to try (You can read my review of it HERE)

As always with these types of reviews, this is my complete honest opinion.  I am not swayed by the company or the fact that they gave me the phone to try out and review.  I feel like there is so much talk at the moment about reviews and how honest some of them are and I just want you to know that I will never ever put something up on my blog and not tell you my true, honest thoughts on it!

So on with the good stuff.
I got sent the Nokia Lumia 930.  This is a new offering from the brand and is an updated version of the older Lumia models.  I had so much fun trying out this phone, here is what I thought...

 Appearance - It's super similar looking to the other Lumia models, the same large screen and coloured back. I would say the 930 looks a lot more sleeker and less bulky though, the silver trim round the edge gives a really nice chic touch to the design and it's definitely my favourite looking model yet. I got sent the green version of the phone to try.  This is definitely not my cup of tea, its super duper bright and well, green which just isn't one of my colours but that really didn't take anything away from the phone as it comes in 5 different colourways and I am in love with the black one, it so pretty and stylish looking and I know I would love that one.  Its all just personal choice with the colour shells and there would definitely be one that you are more drawn too as there is a large choice on offer.  The phone is really nice to hold as the back has a soft textured feel to it so it makes it easy to grip and makes you feel a little more confident that you won't drop it (which I seem to do all the time with phones)

Screen - It has a mahoosive screen. 5 whole inches to be exact.  This is what really appealed to me when I tried the last Lumia phone as well.  The phone has a full HD super sensitive touch screen that is so responsive to use.  The colours and pictures displayed beautifully on the phone, so sharp and bright and really clear to see.  Again it was so simple and quick to scroll though and use all the apps on the phone as the windows 8.1 system works so well on this type of screen.  The display really is amazing and it makes the phone a joy to use.  Oh and it also has sunlight readability, just like the Kindle, so you don't have to do all that squinting and hand over the phone business when its sunny outside as the screen is totally readable in sunlight too.

Size/weight - The phone is big, there is no getting round that fact.  I took a picture of it next to my little Blackberry to try and give you a good idea of its true size.  I don't have an iphone and never have but I'm pretty sure that it's around the same size if only slightly larger so I know most people are used to phones of this size and weight its just a big change for me as the Blackberry is just the complete opposite as its teeny and super light.  I definitely wouldn't say the 930 was heavy but it is substantial in weight although nothing about the size and weight would put me off it as I think the benefit of having that size of screen out weighs the fact that its a little heavier.

Camera- Ahh I feel like there should be harps playing in the background when I talk about the camera on this phone as its that good.  I was really impressed by the camera on the last Lumia phone I tried and I know that's a massive selling point for these phones but to say that the 930 has upped its game is an understatement.  It has both a front and back facing camera.  The camera is 20 Mega pixels and has a dual-LED flash too.  It also has surround sound for when you are taking videos, so the sound quality is crazy good, it really does feel so impressive watching the videos with such sharp sound.  I took some pictures of me using the camera to try and give you an idea of how sharp and on point it was.  There are so many things you can do with the photos on the phone too, they have this amazing editing suite on the phone that is just so much fun to use and there are tons of different options and shooting modes too.
I really do think that if you use your phone primarily for taking pictures then you should definitely check this out as it really is pretty awesome. 

Cortana - This is basically your virtual personal assistant.  Its a voice activated service in the same vein as siri.  Cortana will tell you when you have things scheduled or if the traffic is busy on the road your going to be driving or if the train you booked tickets for is delayed.  She'll help you remember all your meetings and everyones birthdays too.  I think this is a fun feature and adds a little something extra to the phone although I probably wouldn't use it too much as I'm not really into things like that but I think it would be such a help to people who use their phone at work and to schedule things on too. 

Verdict - I have fallen head over heels for this phone.  I don't know if its because of the sleeker design or the amazing camera I just felt like this seemed to me to be more of a tablet in a phones body, if you know what I mean, which for me is just the best thing ever.  It seems to do just about everything to such a high level and I am just really impressed by the phone overall.  I can't rave about the quality of the screen and sound enough and I really would urge you to take a peek of it if your interested in getting a new phone with an awesome camera.

You can buy the phone on its own or get it for free with most monthly contracts from O2, Vodafone, Tesco and EE

Are you a fan of the Nokia Lumia 930? Let me know if you have it and what your thoughts on it are?


Vaidhyanathan Mohan said...

I was an iPhone addict and couple of months back, I did the unthinkable. Got my Lumia 930 and like you said, I fell head over heels. Standout features being Cortana, tight integration with Microsoft services and Camera.

I sincerely wish Microsoft do not screw things up from here and evolve Windows Phone platform for good.

Ari Rando said...

Hey Mohan, you got 100% the words out of my mouth! I too still am an iPhone fan but took the plunge a couple of DAYS ago, due to work requirements. And I gotta tell you that my Lumia 830 gave me that fresh update that iOS failed to do, by doing the same thing for so many years. The iOS platform is undoubtfully the tightest, but it lacks new things, the 'surprise me' element.

And as I'm really digging the software/hardware that works really well on this phone (much like iOS and worlds better than the fragmented Android), I too wish Microsoft get their act together now and truly invest on this platform that's been working surprisingly very well!
They made me a fan in a couple of days, not missing my iPhone, tell you that!

Ikram Hassan said...

Yes. Microsoft has the best phone OS experience in the market now. However lack of apps ...??

Harshit Mishra said...

I have owned a Lumia 925 for more than a year now. Still I can confidently say I am no less happier. Its been awesome experience all through. Looking forward to upgrading to an even better experience on the same platform soon.

Borhan Uddin said...

What I hate about windows phone is there's no Continuous vobration while incoming calls, for this limitations I miss manyimportant calls while I'm on the walk.

Marco said...

I switched from using iOS since 2008 to Windows Phone - Lumia 925 in January 2014.
And I have never looked back. Now, I am at crossroads to upgrade or sidegrade my 925 with a littlebit more current model, the 930 or 830 being the options. However, I just can't get over the lack of Glance on the 930.. that's the only reason I'm still holding out.
*gives his 925 a gentle pat of comfort