Winter Outfit



Scarf - Zara
Tee - ASOS HERE £12
Cardigan - ASOS
Leggings - M&S HERE £9.50 (My fave ever leggings, such amazing quality)

These pictures really make me laugh.  They are so random, it's like 'The Journey of the Cardigan Sleeve'  The first picture is me trying to sort the cardigan into place, then it's like ooh the sleeve is slipping and then it finally falls....The excitement of my photos , you can't buy that type of drama haha!

I am in love with this scarf.  I got it last year but Zara always bring out the best ever scarfs at winter, it is the softest, cuddliest thing.  It's massive as well so it can double up as a blanket or a shawl when it gets even colder.  Because this is older it's not on their website but I've linked to their scarf section because there is a couple of really similar checked ones and tons of other similar ones that just look amazing in case you liked the look of the one above and wanted one like it.

I just wanted to show you one of my go-to casual looks.  My obsession has re-ignited with leggings again, I started to find them a bit blah after wearing them so much but after getting a few new pairs I've remembered  they really do go with anything.  They are just so darn simple, warm and comfy.  I love wearing just the snuggliest basics in winter but feeling really put-together too.

My key thing is also wearing thin layers as well.  This tee from ASOS is perfect for layering, I can't tell you how soft it is, it's really loose but not baggy and sort of skims your shape then just hangs, so it's super flattering and it has the best V-neck I own.  I love it, I'm going to buy it in a few more colours I think.

The cardigan is really thick and warm too, I just fell in love with the shape of it and how it's just really easy to throw on over everything.

What are your go-to looks for the colder weather?