SKIN Week Day #3

Say hello to the awesome Bryony Blake.  Make-up artist extraordinaire.  She has worked with too many celebrities to name, is This Morning's resident Make-Up expert and is part of the talented team that makes the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing gang look so damn good.  I wanted to speak to someone who could share their beauty knowledge (and secrets) with us and would help us get a better idea of how make-up and skincare can work together to create flawless looking skin.  I am a massive fan of Bryony's work and if you want to see some more of her tips and tricks then give her twitter a follow HERE.  Let me know what you think of the interview and enjoy the third part of SKIN week....

1.  What are the best skincare tips that you have picked up in your career so far?
I think the most important thing in my job is to make sure the person you’re looking after on a regular basis really looks after their skin. And if they don't, try to give them a really simple routine. For example, taking their make-up off at night, cleansing and using a good moisturiser every day.
2.  What are your favourite moisturisers and cleansers that you’ve found really work for yourself and your clients?
I tend to change my moisturisers a lot but also adapt to whomever I'm working with.  I always have Bioderma in my kit which is a brilliant makeup remover and toner so I use that on everyone before I apply moisturisers, it's also for sensitive skin so it great on every type of skin.  My favourite Moisturisers at the moment are La Roche Posy, which are a great brand as they have such a huge range,  Also  Avene anti- redness cream and daily cream is amazing and very hydrating.  For men, I like to use Weleda which have a great Men's range. I try to stay clear of anything too oily if it's for TV, as shine can be hard to control on camera.  Personally, I always like to try products before I use them on my clients so I know how they work on the skin... But my Grandmother always swore by Nivea cream and her skin was the best I had ever seen! So I always carry that in my wash bag.
3.  Sometimes even using the best skincare in the world can’t stop annoying breakouts or other skin problems.  What are your top tips for covering up any unwanted spots and blemishes when they appear?
The most important thing to do if you are prone to blemishes is try not to over compensate by over cleansing and exfoliating your skin, as this can make it worse.  I think using a really good concealer is vital! Try to get one which matches your skin tone too, a palette is best as it has a variety of skin tones and allows you to mix the best match and get the best coverage.   There are lots of concealer palettes available in shops now that range in price. My personal favourites are Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer or Sleek do a really good one.. Add a little powder over the top to set it.
4.  What is your verdict on primers, do you think they can really improve your skin and help your make-up look better at the same time?
If I'm really honest I don't really use a primer myself. I do occasionally use one when I work but it's not a necessity.  I know other makeup artists love them but for me I don't really see a huge difference.  I have, however, been using Rimmel's Stay Matte primer, which is actually very nice and very reasonably priced.  Maybe I should put a primer to the test on myself and see if there's a huge difference.
5.  What’s your advice for getting a flawless make-up look?  Do you have any tips on achieving that beautiful glowy/dewy look?
Using the right moisturiser for your skin type makes a huge difference.  Then, of course, a good foundation that is suitable for your skin tone and skin type.  You can buy lots of highlighters and luminators to add glow to your skin but it really is down to getting your skin looking its best before you apply your make up.  If you are going to use a highlighter or luminator make sure you use it on places you want highlighted rather than all over the face. You want your skin to look as natural as possible even if you don't have the best skin.
6.   Do you think there is any truth in the whole ‘letting your skin breathe and having a day off from make-up’ or do you think that if your make up is good enough quality then it shouldn’t matter or affect your skin?
I do think it’s important to sometimes let your skin breath.  At the end of the day it's down to confidence a lot of the time.  Most people feel their most confident  when they're on holiday and in the sunshine. That's when people tend to wear  less makeup.  When it comes to letting your skin breath I personally think if you can always manage to take your makeup off properly before you go to bed, that will really help to allow your skin to breath.
7.  What are your views on things like Botox, fillers and lip injections?  You must have seen your fair share of the good and the bad?
I have seen my fair share of Botox, fillers and lip injections. It seems to be more unusual these days if people haven't had something done. I think when it comes to all these things it's about personal choice and what makes you feel good about yourself.  Being in the public eye and seeing yourself in magazines and papers all the time isn't easy so I think people do become more self conscious of how they look.  I can totally understand why they would want to do this but it is very important to do proper research and get the right advice.  Sadly there are lots of people who didn't do this and have to live with the results.
8.  What inspired you to become a make-up artist and how did you get started?
My mum was an actress and TV presenter so being behind the scenes was always so exciting for me as a child.  I used to love (and still do) watching her put her make-up on.  When I was a little girl she gave me her old theatre makeup box which I just loved.  I always drew as a child and had a vivid imagination so combining my favourite things, people, art and makeup just seemed so natural to me.  I went to a very creative school which encouraged me to do what I loved.  I always knew I wanted to do make-up so I was very focused on that when choosing universities. I was thrilled when I got into London College of Fashion to study Theatrical and Media makeup for the performing arts. I spent five years after university assisting people and working on a makeup counter to get as much makeup experience as possible. My big break was when I got asked to assist Jackie Tyson on the 2nd series of X Factor. And I guess the rest is history.
9.   You’ve worked on so many amazing TV shows and with so many celebrities.  Do you have a stand out moment in your career so far that you have enjoyed the most?
The stand out moments of my career tend to be the moments I share with the celebrity I'm working with.  Flying on a private jet with Tulisa for her first time was such a special moment.  Making up Collabro the winners of BGT 2014 for a special appearance on the West End stage at the end of Les Miserable.  Sharing the delight and sense of achievement is very special.  On a personal note, getting to hold our shared Special Craft BAFTA for Strictly Come Dancing was a pretty brilliant day!
10.  And finally if you could pass on one beauty secret to all my readers what would it be?
Try to enhance your best features. Be experimental with new things, you wouldn't wear the same clothes every day so why wear the same makeup colours all the time. Look into different trends and styles and adapt them to suit you.   Make-up should be fun, so enjoy yourself!