Pretty Phonecase

Is this not the funniest phone case you've ever seen in your life?
I literally can not stop smiling every time I look at it.
I love it!
I feel like this really is something that Cher from Clueless would have been all-over.
It's the prettiest, most girlie phone case I've ever owned.
It has a holographic shell case that clips onto your phone, then a pom-pom sits on the top which is attached to a veil that can go over the front and back of your phone and it has a gold handbag-style chain that you can wear over your shoulder, this can be removed as well if you like.
Aside from just being super fun and all kinds of awesome, I actually love the idea of just being able to pop your phone over your shoulder if your running out and about and don't want to take you bag!
What do you guys think? Are you a fan of this cover?
Its part of ASOS's #fonecandy range and you can buy it on ASOS HERE* for £12
P.s The Tee I'm wearing is the same ASOS one from the post below, you can buy it HERE


Melisa Affandy said...

i'm absolutely in love with your hair, and that phone case is the cutest!


Jessica The Pyreflies said...

Oh my gosh! I have never seen a phone case like this before... so girly and fun! I love the gold chain too :)