Introduction to SKIN Week

Welcome to my first ever SKIN week!
I wanted to dedicate a whole week to the beautiful skin on our faces.  I wanted to talk to experts and hear from the people in the know and work out the facts from the myths.  We all know how important caring and looking after our skin is but sometimes it's pretty hard to know if your doing the right thing or using the right product.  I wanted to help get all our skin worries sorted so that we can all feel a little more confident whether its getting your skin troubles sorted and going barefaced or just achieving that perfect canvas so your make-up looks flawless.  I hope that after this week you'll have found some new products you love and will have some answers for all your skin dilemmas.
First up I wanted to speak to someone on a topic I know very little about but I am massively intrigued by, which is non-surgical and surgical procedures also known as plastic surgery to me and you.  I wanted to focus on the non-surgical side though as that is what I'm super interested in learning more about.  I don't think there is an area of beauty that divides people more.  I have always taken the stance of each to their own.  I think if you have something your don't like and it would make you feel better if you fixed it, then fix it.  The only thing that always worried me was how safe these treatments were and how young some people are when they start getting them so I wanted to speak to someone really well respected and who knows their stuff so step forward the awesome Anne-Marie Gillet who is the non-Surgical Director at Transform.  She kindly took time out to answer all my questions and I have to be honest she really changed my mind about a lot of things.  I always felt that even though I would never judge others for having anything done, I always thought that it would never be something that I would do as I found it quite a scary prospect getting things injected into my face but speaking to Anne-Marie has really opened my eyes and I feel like I have learned so much more about the topic that if the time came waaaayyy in the future that I ever felt that my lips needed a wee bit more life in them or that those stubborn lines needed softened then I think that I would be quite up for having a go...maybe haha!

The interview is in the next post as it's quite long and I thought it was easier to separate the posts into two!
So have a read of the interview and let me know what you think, has it changed your mind about anything? As always leave a comment or give me a tweet to tell me thoughts...