Interview with Whinnie Williams

 Many of you will remember the singer Sunday Girl from a few years back and might have wondered what ever happened to her.  Well she is back, um...kind of.  She has been reincarnated as a shiny new ladygirl with a better name and a new, even more fabulous look and sound.  So prepare to meet your new favourite popstar and style crush, step forward Miss Whinnie Williams....

1.  Hey Whinnie, you’ve went all Snoop Doggy Dogg on us and changed your name, what made you make the decision to reinvent yourself as a new artist?
Whinnie killed Sunday Girl... drowned her in cherry aid.
2.   Your new music sounds really different to the kind of songs you were bringing out before, what’s inspiring your music this time around?
This time I'm not being influenced by trends at all just what I really want to be doing. I always wanted to do this style of music but didn't know how to express it and was a bit scared too.

3.   What’s your favourite song that’s on your new EP?
Stupid Things.

4.  I have to just take a minute to talk about your new look, it is amazing.  I love the whole 60’s Brigitte Bardot vibe you have going on and all the pastel colours your wearing, but honestly most of all I am just so damn envious of your hair, seriously what trick do you use to get so much volume in it, you must have a secret product you use?
Hahaha awww thanks. My hair is a bit of a fluke, its a massive mess in real life and I can honestly say there isn't much too it other than blow drying it upside down and Moroccan Oil. I should have just made up some elaborate story haha.

5.  Do you feel like style is a really big part of being the artist that you are today, do you think that fashion and music go hand in hand?
I don't think it has to be for every musician.  I just really enjoy making my music visual whether that's through clothes or videos. 

6.  Do you have go-to blogs for some fashion and style inspiration?
I don't to be honest.  I watch a lot of old movies, look up old stars and people watch so that's how I get my style inspiration. 

7.  And finally, if you could pass on one piece of advice to my readers what would it be?
Find your gut again and listen to it. I forget to use mine all the time, but when I have a tough decision one of my best friends always asks "what does your gut say" and the answers are always there! 

Bad Girl, the awesome debut EP from Whinnie Williams is out on October 13 via Night Beach in digital and limited edition 7" vinyl.
You can Pre-order the EP HERE and watch her amazing new video HERE

Let me know if your a fan of Whinnie too and if your loving her music as much as I am?