Interview with LILLYWOOD

 LILLYWOOD has had a pretty awesome summer.  'Prayer In C' has never left the charts and it's become a fully fledged summer anthem.  I was lucky enough to catch up with Nili from the band to talk to her about all things LILLYWOOD.  Have a read and let me know what you think....

1.  Can you tell us a little bit about how the band got together?
Ben and I met in a very common way in a bar five years ago, through friends that we had in common. We were not really musicians but decided to have a band anyway and so we were really surprised when the band started to succeed.

2.  The band is based in France, what is the music scene in France like at the moment?
Cool things are happening like Christine & the queens or Sage. I think that French people and people in general are gaining confidence in French music.

3.  How did the collaboration with Robin Schulz come about?
Quite randomly he found the original song on the Internet and decided to remix it.


4.  ‘Prayer In C’ is my favourite song of the summer, it’s just so beautiful.  What was the inspiration behind the lyrics is there a story behind the song?
It is a letter to god, I'm not sure he exists but if he does at least I've said my peace. 


5.  What will we hear next from you in the UK, do you have an album coming out?
Yes it's our 3rd album which was partially recorded in Africa, should come out this spring. We are very excited.

6.  And finally, if you could pass on one piece of advice to my readers what would it be?
To be easy on yourself and others.

 LILLYWOOD are set to play Village Underground in London this Wednesday. Buy Tickets HERE