Big Fluffy Slippers

Don't these picture look like they have a vintage-y grain-y film over them, so weird right?  I never noticed till I was loading them onto my blog.  It's started to be super dark here at about 6.30 already, which means that its really dull by the afternoon which is when I took these photos.  The sky had this orange hue over it when I started to take these pictures and that seems to have cast a crazy shade over these shots.  I tried to lighten them up a little but the colouring was coming out funny.

Anywayyyy...The awesome peeps from Bedroom Athletics asked me if I wanted to try some of their slippers and I jumped at the chance.  I am the coldest person ever in winter time.  If I'm not bundled up in hoodies and jumpers, then I'm constantly wrapped in a blanket.  So when I saw how cosy all their slippers looked I couldn't wait to try them.

For maximum heat and cute-ness I picked this pair above.  Can you even deal with how sweet they are, I love them.
I have never been that girl who was into furry boots when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie (a la Simple Life days) were parading about in them but I will be honest a certain part of me envied how fun and warm the looked.
So fast forward a few years and I am so that girl now.  I have literally never had these off my feet, seriously they are more than warm, they are like little hot water bottles for your feet. 
And the fluffy-ness of them is just amazing, they seem to have a padded/cushion sole so you sort of bounce a bit when you walk in them, they are so comfy.

They have a teeny zip up the front of the boot but I think this must be more for decoration as you can slip them on and off just like Uggs.

I choose this white/pink colour, I just thought they looked really Christmassy (is that a word?) and wintry.

I honestly can't recommend them enough, they are perfect for days like today when I just wanted to chill in my big hoodie and be really casual and keep warm.  But be warned if you get a pair everyone will want to touch them, seriously they are that soft.

I have this pair HERE and I got a size M which is a 5/6.  I am actually a 4 but I am a big 4 so always size up rather than down and they fit perfect but with a nice amount of room so you don't feel like your wearing a tight pair of boots.

Let me know if you like them and take a peek at the Bedroom Athletics clothing range too, they have the cutest teddy fleece onesie which I need in my life for winter!