RMK Blusher

This is one of my favourite blushers at the moment.  Its a lot darker than I normally wear as I normally go for a really candy pink colour and this is a much darker pink.
Its got the most beautiful soft and smooth texture, it doesn't have any shimmer or glitter in it but it does have a sort of subtle highlight in it, I mean its so subtle that you really only catch it in the light but it just makes it have a more luxe feeling.
The colour is really flattering but because it is a strong shade, you really don't need much on at all just a teeny bit and it gives you a lovely hint of colour.
This was the first time I had ever tried anything from RMK and I'm so happy I did as this is such a beautiful product and the packaging is so pretty and chic looking, although in my opinion it is a pretty hefty price tag for a blusher and blusher is really not something that I would spend loads of money on usually as I think you can get such good quality cheaper ones and I would normally only pay a higher price for something like a foundation.  Saying that though, you really do get a great product for your money and as a treat I would definitely recommend this.
The shade is Natural Rose* and it's number is 7
RMK blusher is £26


Cherry said...

So pretty!

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