Review - Nokia Lumia 1020

So a little while ago the lovely people over at Microsoft got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to have a trial of their Nokia Lumia 1020 phone.

I jumped at the chance as I'd heard so many great things about the Lumia phones (My sister has a different model of the Lumia and she just loves it) so I wanted to give it a go and see if it lived up to the hype.

So I thought I would give you a wee run down of my verdict, in list form obviously, because who doesn't love a list now and again right?

Appearance- When I took the phone out of the box I couldn't believe how big the screen was, I have a Blackberry just now so the contrast between that and this seemed even more intense.  I definitely wouldn't describe it as light but it's not much heavier than your average phone, I think what makes it seem a little more weighty is because of the camera on the back.  The back cover is fully yellow as you can see in the photo which isn't really my thing but I know that you can also get it in black and white too, which I think look super pretty so it's all just down to preference really.

The Screen-  Its amazing, the clearest, most on point screen I have ever used on a phone.  It's super sensitive which makes the touch screen work perfectly and it's so easy to use.  The menu screens and options screens are great and it's really quick to move around the phone and it doesn't seem to have any those 'sticking' issues that other touch screen phones have that I've used before.  I just love how big the screen is too.

The Camera - To me this is definitely what sets the phone apart.  It really is an amazing 41MP camera.  The pictures are so clear and crisp.  I love that it has a wide range of in-phone editing tools for the pictures, its so simple to work and I can't say enough about how genuinely impressed I was with the quality of the photos that I took.  If you wanted to get into blogging but don't have a fancy camera and aren't ready to commit to buying one just yet, I think if you got yourself this phone, you would definitely be able to get by for a while using this for your blog as it really doesn't give you that grainy feel to the images that some camera phones do. 

Overall I was super impressed with this phone.  It really does do exactly what it says on the box and the hype around it and it's camera is definitely justified in my opinion.  When my phone contract is up soon I will definitely be having my eye on this...

Let me know what you think and if you are a fan of the Nokia Lumia phones?


Elizabeth D said...

hey, i just love your blog, its so quirky, which is why i've nominated you for the 'one lovely blog award' you can find out more about it on my blog post

Victoria Talia said...

How cool! It seems like a nice phone- I am not familiar with too many smart phones other than the iPhone (I have iPhone 4 and am satisfied with it- don't need to be updating every other day like all these iPhone addicts haha), but I would consider other smart phones in the future so long as I could continue using all my important apps (i.e. Instagram). Great review, btw! :)