My Make-Up Storage

I thought today I would show you my new make-up storage!
I don't have a big space to keep my make-up in, I don't have a fancy dresser that I can sit those beautiful Perspex storage boxes on with the make-up in it, that so many bloggers have. 
I have been needing a new solution for a while as my make-up was getting in such a mess as it was all basically in one bag and a basket and it was just so hard to find anything when I needed it quickly.  I used a Muji travel pouch as my make up bag as I loved the size of it and that it was clear too.  My plan was to buy a load of them and put my make-up in them, but they had discontinued the one I wanted and it would have ended up costing a lot of money to buy as many as I wanted.

Then one day as I was doing my work on my computer, with QVC on in the background (seriously, this is how I work best, no one can understand it, but I really do find QVC weirdly soothing to have on in the background, same if I can't sleep at night I find if I put this on I just drift away to sleep) and all of a sudden up popped these 'travel envelopes' I couldn't believe it, they looked so perfect, they were the exact thing I was looking for and were so much cheaper than the Muji ones, so I ordered them straight away.

They are from the Amanda Lamb collection on QVC, Amanda was the presenter of many travel programmes (Seriously I could watch 'A place in the sun' all day, why do they never buy a house at the end though, ahh so annoying) so she has put together a collection of travel accessories as she has travelled so much over the years and feels like there is a gap in the market for certain items.

I was so excited when I received all my little bags, you get 7 of them in total and I have only managed to fill 6 with my make-up. 
They are obviously intended for use when your travelling but they are beyond amazing as make-up storage and I'm sure they would work for so many other things too.

They are really thick plastic, so your not scared your stuff will break through it,  The zips are great and don't stick.  Overall I would say they are really amazing quality and I couldn't be happier with them.

I separated my make up into the following to make it easier for me to find everything-
-Make-Up brushes

It's so easy now to find all my make-up and I love having all the bit's and bob's separated into different bags, so much quicker for doing my make-up.

These are perfect if you don't have much space for your make-up as these are just amazing to keep it all contained in a small space, whilst still making it pretty and super accessible too.

The bags come in either Black or Pink and you can get all 7 bags for £13.95 ....Bargain!
Buy them from QVC HERE


Gemma Magpie said...

Oh wow they're so perfect! I love that they're see through, but they have a pretty design too - but you can still see everything inside them! Genius :D xx

Gemma |