Meghan Trainor Interview

Meghan Trainor is currently sitting right at the top of most music charts around the world with her super awesome song 'All About That Bass' which I posted about HERE a few weeks ago.  As well as being about 'that bass' the song is all about 'that positivity'

It's empowering girls everywhere to accept that we are all pretty awesome human beings, no matter what those darn magazines try to tell us.  I was so lucky to be able to get some interview time with Meghan to ask her about her song, body image and what's next for our new favourite popstar. 
Let me know what you think of the interview and if you are as big a fan of Miss Trainor as I am....
1. Meghan your song ‘All About That Bass’ is my favourite song of the summer, it’s such
a perfect pop song with an inspirational message too. Can you tell us what inspired you
to write the song and the meaning behind it?
I wrote it for me because I've always struggled with self acceptance. I never thought the world
would get to hear me sing it and I'm just happy it's helping other people too.
2. There seems to have been an outpouring of love for you and the message your song
carries. Were you nervous of what people’s reactions would be to the lyrics and to you?
Yes, especially since I still struggle with self acceptance, It was terrifying. However the fans and
comments have been very positive and loving!
3. Your song promotes a healthy, normal view on body image and size which I think is
amazing and so needed in today’s media but do you feel a little nervous in case you
unintentionally become a sort of poster girl for the whole ‘body image’ debate or do you
feel like that’s something you would welcome?
I am nervous. I never planned on being a voice for the body images of the world. I just wrote a
three minute song. That's all. I wrote it for myself and if it helps others then that's awesome.
4. Some people seem to have misinterpreted the line in your song about skinny girls, I feel
like some people have only listened to what they wanted to hear and have tried to make
something negative from such a positive message. What do you feel about the situation?
Yeah as I said, all I did was write a three minute song. I never got a record deal to tell skinny
people I hate them haha. I have best friends that are so skinny and beautiful and still pick on
themselves when they look in the mirror. I was including them when I said "Every inch of you is
perfect from the bottom to the top"
5. You have written for so many different artists in the past. What was that experience like
and is there anyone who you would still love to write for?
Its a great feeling knowing a big artist wants to share my creation with the world. I would love to
write for as many artists as possible even while I'm working on my career. I'm an artist but I'll
forever be a songwriter.
6. You started song writing straight out of high school, was that quite intimidating at
times, jumping into such a ‘grown-up’ industry when you were so young?
Yes, I started travelling for writing sessions while still in high school. It makes you grow up right
away, learning how to travel and take care of yourself.
My parents and my publisher travelled with me at first and always helped make the arrangements
and made sure I was safe. By the end of the first year I was travelling by myself and had a lot of
freedom. It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute.
7. Can you tell us anything about your next single and what your album is sounding like?
My next single is called Dear Future Husband and the album is sounding doowap-y, pop, but you
can also hear all my influences in it from reggae to R&B.
8. Finally, if you could pass on one piece of advice to my readers what would it be?
'All About That Bass' will be released in the UK on Oct 5th.  You can Pre-order it HERE now.
And you can stream it on Spotify from Sep 28th.