Lucy Watson's Jewellery Collection

I am the biggest fan of Made In Chelsea (If your not from the UK, its a reality TV show kinda like The Hills) and Lucy Watson from the show is one of my favourite people from it.  She's the type of person you just wish you were when you are having an argument or disagreement with someone, because in a beat she comes out with the most amazing one-liners that just win the whole fight.
She is also super honest too which I love and she seems like the only girl on the show who is good friend  To be honest she is the only girl I like in the show (The boys are my favourite! Hey Andy..!) as the rest of the ladygirls just seem kinda mean!

Lucy also has really awesome style so quite fittingly has launched her own jewellery range.  To be honest I have no idea why it's taken me so long to check it out but I was having a peek at her collection this morning and I am super impressed with it.

Everything looks really luxe and super chic.  I have picked my favourite pieces to show you above.
Every since LC rocked the two-finger ring in The Hills I have wanted one like the 'Creature' one above, so cute.  The crab ring is just so unique and I think it would be great for layering rings too but I have to admit the tiger teeth necklace is my favourite piece from the whole collection.  It's weird because I never normally like really strong 'animal' influenced things but I just adore this, I can imagine wearing this with a plain white boyfriend tee and a pair of jeans and it would just make the whole outfit work.

You can buy all the pieces from Lucy's website Creature Jewellery HERE

You can buy the Tiger Teeth for £90 HERE
You can buy the 'Creature' Ring for £70 HERE
And you can buy the Crab Claw ring for £45 HERE

Let me know what you think of the pieces and if you are a massive fan of Made In Chelsea too?