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Growing up in Scotland, becoming an independent country has always been a thing of myth here. 
My whole life there was always whispers, hopes, worries but more than anything disbelief that it would ever become a possibility.
I remember in school, in a history class, whilst we were studying the history of Scotland, someone put their hand up and asked the teacher if we would ever be an independent country again and her words were 'Not in our lifetime'.

And no matter how long I've known that this referendum for Scottish independence was going to happen and no matter how many arguments I watched on TV and things I've read in the papers,  I still can not get my head around the fact that this magically, awesome thing that most past generations of Scottish people including myself have been told that we would never ever be allowed, is actually happening. 
And what a crazy beautiful thing that is.
A chance without fighting, without violence and war to decide for ourselves what we, the people who live in it, want for our country.

It blows my mind when I hear some people say that they can't wait till the whole things over, I have never felt more excited to be part of something and to witness and create history.  No matter what you believe, it is such a privilege to be given this decision when so many countries in the world are torn apart because they can't have this thing that we are getting given on a plate.

I just wish all of you could be here and feel the excitement with us.  It feels like a really special place to be right now, like we can all feel that we are on the cusp of something and we are all just waiting, sitting, counting down the minutes until it happens.

Please don't believe the hype that you may see and hear on the TV about our country being divided.  I have never felt Scotland be more united over something, yeah so half of us may disagree with the other half but we have joined together in the fight to become aware and informed, we have all become engaged in something together, we discuss it, argue it and sometimes even shout it but we have all joined together because of the love we have for our country, because at the end of the day if we didn't care about where we came from we wouldn't be so damn passionate about what is going to happen to it.

I know this isn't the normal type of post I would write on my blog and to be honest I didn't know if I should address it or not and then I realised that it is such a big part of life at the moment that it would be weird not to.
I don't mind at all what your opinion or vote (if you have one) is on the referendum.  In fact I love hearing what people think about it.
I think this is such a wonderful experience to have been able to be a part of and I can't wait to go and help history happen by ticking that wee box on Thursday.


Lois J said...

I'm so excited for Scotland, I really hope you go for it :)

Victoria Talia said...

It's so interesting to hear the point of view from someone who actually lives in Scotland. I had no idea really what this means for the future of the country. As an outsider, I am guilty of, first of all, not even knowing the whole story, but also, just assuming that Scotland's independence would mean the UK is being split up and seeing as the lands are connected, it just didn't make sense to me at first. I wondered what would happen with all of the economy- would you still use pounds for currency? How does that all work, I wondered? But now, I am started to see thew whole picture and I think it's so unbelievably wonderful that Scotland can gain its independence without an inch of violence. I'm sure that would not have been possible in the medieval times. I'm happy for Scotland (it's for sure happening, yeah?) and I would so love to visit someday. :)