Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil


I have to be honest I never really knew what to do with face oil.  I like using a cleanser and moisturiser and no faffy (is that a word?) stuff in between.  And honestly I saw oil as the biggest faff around.

I don't like overloading my skin and as I have mentioned on my blog before I have major sensitive skin that takes reactions super easily, so I normally only stick to Dermalogica skincare as I know how well that works with my skin.

Then one night when I was watching my favourite TV channel in the world (seriously there is no irony in that sentence) QVC, I saw them feature a new product called Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil.
I had obviously heard about Argan oil before but the reason why I had never tried it was because I could never find one which was pure and didn't have to be diluted to be used on your face, oh and yeah I thought it sounded too faffy too.

But as I was watching the presentation about the oil and hearing more about it, I was really intrigued as this came 100% pure with nothing added to it, which made me think I would be less likely to take a reaction to it.
I did a little more googling around and then decided that I must have it in my life so I waited for the next showing on QVC and quickly snapped it up.

1.  I LOVE it, quite a good pro, thought it should probably go first.
2.  It  really, really makes my skin look different, really plumped up and full and it takes away all my dryness on my T-Zone.
3.  You know when you put something on your skin and it feels really luxurious and a treat, that's what this feels like, just a really lovely pure thing to have on my skin, which leads me to number 4...
4.  I haven't taken a reaction with this, my skin seems to love it which I am so thankful for as I really love using it.
5.  I have decided to use this as my twice a day, daily moisturiser. Which means that I just cleanse then apply this and I'm all done, no faffing with extra products!
6.  I have only used this on my face, but you can literally use it anywhere.  Hair, nails, skin, face the list is endless, so it really is an all in one product.

1.  OK, so maybe its just me but I had no idea how to apply oil to my face, I just thought you would apply it like a normal moisturiser, which I quickly found out was wrong.  A super greasy face an hour after I had used it was telling me that I had done something wrong.  A quick google later and I had realised I had applied it all wrong.  You drop a couple (well I drop 4) drops onto your fingers tips, then gently PRESS it into your face in a PATTING motion.  It dries in within a second and your good to go and put your make up on over it straight away. 
So my con is that seriously the bottle should have instructions on it or in the box it came in because surely I can't have been the only person not to know how to put oil on my face um, right....?

I can not recommend this enough it's a little wonder product, you can buy it HERE for £42.00 (you also get a blusher with it, you can't buy the oil on it's own for some reason?)