Book Reviews - Just One Day and Just One Year

Just One Day
A whirlwind day in Paris . . .
A chance at true love . . .
Heartbreak is waiting just around the corner.

Just One Year
Twenty-four hours can change your life . . .
Allyson and Willem share one magical day together in Paris, before chance rips them apart.
The romantic, emotional companion to Just One Day, this is a story of the choices we make and the accidents life throws at us.
But is one day enough to find your fate?

It's really rare that I ever buy a book the day it comes out, the only times that will happen is if one of my favourite authors is releasing a book and I'll know that I love their writing so much that I will be safe to buy the book without reading any reviews first.  But when I bought 'Just One Day' it was the first time I had ever bought a book by an author I'd never read before, on the day it came out, without reading one single review of it and honestly I literally couldn't have been more happy that I did.

I think that with the abundance of awesome book reviews out there I have become really reliant on them.  If I see a blurb of a book I think I would like I have to go to GoodReads, to check it out then onto a few book blogs to double check that its definitely a story that I would want to read and sometimes I feel like by the time I've done all that, I sort of know what the majority of the book will be about which is why I try with my reviews to give only my opinion of the story rather than a re-telling, not that one way is better than the other it's just what you prefer I suppose, right.

So, to explain 'Just One Day' is the first novel, it tells you the story from Allyson's point of view and 'Just One Year' which is the companion novel to the first, tells the story from Willem's point of view.

The 'story' which they are both telling you is of their wonderful, magical journey of meeting one another, ending up in Paris and losing each other and ultimately trying, failing then trying even harder to find each other again.

When I read the first book I was just so blown away by it, it was such a beautiful story and original, I was second guessing how I thought everything would turn out and it never happened the way I thought it would.  It's also set in Paris, which is my dream (yet so far unvisited) location in the world, I didn't think it was possible to fall even more in love with the idea of Paris until I read this book. 

After falling so in love with the first book, I was so happy to hear that at the end of the year (they both came out last year) I would get to find out more about what happened 'on that day in Paris'.  My hopes were so high for the second book but I will admit I was apprehensive because I always worry that 'different point of views of the same story books' just end up as a retelling of the first, but as I leaped back into Willem and Allyson's world all my worries were gone.  It sort of picked up after Allyson story was finished and answered every question you had from the first book.

Gayle Forman just made me so happy with her writing.  She is just so wonderful with her words and I can't believe it took me so long to read one of her books.  I just can't wait to see what her next book will be...

If your looking for a really warm story to curl up with as the summer slowly fades out then I couldn't recommend these books enough, but I honestly think you should treat yourself and read them both one after each other as they are so awesome!

Let me know if you've read them and what you think?

Buy Just One Day HERE £5.24
Buy Just One Year HERE £5.59


Milly. said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! Glad you think it is looking so nice at the moment :)

These books sound like the type I would definitely love to delve into. I think it's such an interesting idea to have a full book from each side of the story! And I absolutely love books about Paris - it was quite a main focus of my time studying American Literature (I did two 1920s modules in England, and one in San Francisco haha!) x