Sunday Show and Tell


Here is this weeks link list.  I hope you find some things that make you smile on it. 
Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. 
Will y'all be watching the closing ceremony at the Commonwealth Games tonight, I'm actually excited about it.  The opening one just made me laugh so much, the closing ones theme  is 'A Night Out In Glasgow' and if you've ever been lucky enough to experience that, then you'll know that we will be in for a pretty um...interesting treat haha!

1.  THIS is such a sweet story.  Just before I had read this I had to change my password on one of my accounts and I was moaning about it so much, saying how its so annoying always having to pick a new word with stupid symbols in it then always forgetting it.  I so wish I had read this first and then I could have picked a really cool inspirational word.  Such a great idea.

2.  Think THIS article is so true.  The rise of the delicate, pretty piercing. 

3.  Seriously, THIS is so fun and addicting! Put a year in from when you were wee and find all the best songs from it.  If like me, you were born in 1990 (woo! woo!) put in 1999, it will blow your freakin' mind with it's awesomeness.

4.  Kinda linking in with number 3.  THIS article was my favourite thing I've read all week.  I am the biggest Britney fan and I would have said I was pretty up to date on Britney related trivia.  So I was in shock that I had no idea about her secret album, did y'all know about it? Uhh I just love the drama about it and hearing from all the songwriters that she wrote with at the start of the Post -Justin, Pre-Kevin era was just the best thing ever...the scandal!

5.  The whole Beauty Vloggers thing is still so majorly intense for me to work out and get my head around, I mean I love it and I just find it so fascinating but it's literally like a new type of industry has just been born in front of our eyes right? THIS article is super interesting, talking about the rise of the vlogger, the money they make and how it's changing the shape of the make-up industry. 

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