Songs That May or May Not Change Your life

You know when you come across a song and it instantly makes you happy.  That's how I felt when I heard Mighty Oaks new song for the first time and I instantly fell in love with it.  After proclaiming that they were my new favourite find, I was lucky enough to be able to ask the guys from the band a few questions to find out more about the band.  In the words of my mama 'They seem like very nice boys' and I hope you'll agree!  Enjoy the interview and let me know what you think of their song below too.

 1.  Your new song ‘Brother’ is one of my favourite songs at the moment, it’s got that whole foot-stomping, upbeat folky feel to it (obviously I’m using very technical terms here!) It’s all about friendship, was there a best friend you had in mind when writing it?
Well thank you very much! It’s a pleasure to hear that you’re enjoying the track. True, BROTHER is a song about friendship, but more broadly about having meaningful relationships to people in life and how important and special that can be. Ian wrote BROTHER about his childhood best friend, Barret, with whom he’s still closely tied today, although they’ve been a world apart for nearly a decade. The two of them were fortunate enough to grow up in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and spent their early years discovering the mountains, the seas, and the old-growth forests around them whilst growing into young men themselves.
2.  You are all from different places in the world, how did you all meet and what made you decide to form a band?
We met in February 2009 in Hamburg at a small singer-songwriter festival called Melodica. Ian and Craig were based in Hamburg at the time and had recently met as part of the musician community there, and were both playing the festival that weekend. Claudio was invited as a headlining international act. We were able to hear each other’s sets and hang out over the long weekend, establishing a friendship. Ian and Claudio ended up both moving to Berlin in 2010 for different reasons and reconnected to jam out after work and on the weekends. The two ended up fleshing out some of Ian’s previously written songs and recorded our Driftwood Seat EP, which gained over 60,000 followers on SoundCloud after we put it online. Since then, music has taken on an ever-evolving role in our lives and we ended up moving Craig out to Berlin in June of 2012 to formally establish the band and begin our studio production.
3.  You have toured with Kings of Leon and The Lumineers; did they pass on any advice to you about the music industry or give you any tips on how they got their success?
 We didnt hit the road with the bands for any extended period of time, rather playing one-off shows with them here and there. The Lumineers are super genuine and modest people. They came to our backstage before the show and hung out and drank beers with us and shot the shit for a while. They tour with Budweiser, so it was fun to drink American beer and talk with these great musicians who have been at it for a long time and had finally made their big break. The guys from Kings of Leon keep to themselves, which we can respect.
4.  Your going out on your own tour later in the year, is life on the road as spectacularly awesome as the movie ‘Almost Famous’ makes out or is it a lot less glamorous than Cameron Crowe would have us believe?
Haha, well, likely much less glamorous than most would believe. Actually, it is definitely less glamorous than most think. Life on the road is hands down the best though: we get to visit new cities, meet new people, and share in experiences together that wed have all missed out on were it not for music. Weve all got our heads on pretty straight though and while we all enjoy a good drink and wild night here and there, were all focused on staying healthy and ensuring that our shows are as tight as possible. Who knows though, this next tour well be in a night-liner and the whole issue of having to drive long hours ourselves is out the window so this may be the demise of our sane working environment.
5.  Can you tell us a little about your new EP and what your favourite song on it is?
Ah geez, favourite track?! That’s not going to happen. We really enjoy them all and feel like it is a great introduction to us for new listeners. We’ve grown so much since we recorded the tracks, what with all the time on the road, and all the live shows over the past 18 months, but we still love playing and hearing these songs and believe that there is really something for everyone in the EP. The tracks are based in human emotion, whether that be friendship, family, love, adventure, what have you, and they’re written so that people can find something in them for themselves, depending on where they find themselves in life. 
Mighty Oaks release their debut EP 'Brother' on Sep 22 via Island Records.