Name Necklace

Do you remember that season on The Hills where Lauren Conrad decided every piece of her jewellery should have her name on it, the necklace, the ring, the bangle and then all of us decided that we needed to do the same thing?
Well from then on I have fallen head over heels for anything monogrammed and let's be honest anything LC related too (seriously are y'all as excited as I am to see the wedding, I think it will be a pinners dream).

So when I came across these beautiful necklaces the other day from 'Say What You C' I knew I had to post about them.  They are a little more rough around the edges than the usual name necklaces and I love that, there is something quite industrial about them and I love when something so simple looking can become such a statement piece.

The designer Charlotte will stamp your name or any other word you like I suppose onto a metal bar and no two designs will be the same as they are all done by hand which I think is my favourite thing.

I have really fallen for these, I think they are so beautiful and I can hear the gold bar calling out my name, literally...!

The best thing is they are super affordable too.  The long bar is £28 and the short bar is £24.
You can buy them HERE

Oh and take a look at the sites instagram page as there are so many pretty pictures of people wearing the necklaces and you will get a better idea of what they look like on, check it out HERE


Laura//daisychaindream said...

Oh wow, these are actually gorgeous! x

Victoria Talia said...

Those are really pretty! I don't have any jewelry with my name on but every time I go to souvenir shops, I always look for the keychains or license plates just to see if they have my name- they never had it while I was growing up but apparently my name as become a bit more popular since then and now I see it everywhere! I remember when I was little, schools were always saying now to wear anything with your name on it because strangers would use it to their advantage so I guess I've kind of kept that mentality of being cautious about wearing my name haha...Still, I think jewelry like this is so pretty and I would definitely consider getting one, even if it just had my first initial. :)