'Perfect Beach Reads' - Love Like The Movies Review


'When it comes to finding her leading man, will it be Love, Actually or a Runaway Bride?
Kenzi Shaw has her life scripted out down to the last line - the career she's building as an up-and-coming marketing exec, the gorgeous fiancé (Bradley) she'll marry in a fairytale wedding, the children they'll raise in her dream home. But when heart-breaking ex Shane comes back into her life, life starts going off the script . . .
Shane tries to win Kenzi over by re-enacting all the rom com movies they used to watch together - Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones' Diary, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing to name a few. He's just a guy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to trust him again. But has he really changed? Not only is her head in a spin over Shane, but now her job is on the line. And with her perfect sister in law showing up every tiny thing Kenzi does wrong, she feels like she's permanently in the corner.
Should she risk her sensible life for the chance of a Happy Ever After? One thing's for sure, when Shane meets Kenzi (again), she's suddenly not so sure just who her leading man is . . .'

I LOVE Romantic Comedies.  Like honestly love them, I have religiously watched them on repeat since I was a little girl, I kinda skipped out on the whole cartoon phase and went straight to 'Clueless' and 'Grease'. 
The whole stigma that is sometimes  attached to Rom-Com's doesn't phase me either, I mean, seriously if someone can't understand the beauty in watching a guy hold up placards to secretly tell his best friends girlfriend that he's in love with her, or how freaking awesome it is when a girls best friend starts a Dionne Warwick mass singalong at the dinner table just to cheer her up and make her forget that the man of her dreams is marrying someone else, then I know it's them just being debbi downers as I just don't understand how those classic movie moments can't make you swoon, right?

When I first laid eyes on this book, it seemed like it had literally been written for me, I just hoped that it lived up to all the expectation I had for it.
And it really, really did.

When I tell you I loved this book I'm not lying, honestly its one of those that you have to sneak off to read for 5 Min's at lunch time just to see what happens next.  I think I read it in about two days though as I just couldn't put it down.

It's such a lovely, sweet story and the way the author has weaved the romantic comedies into the storyline is just wonderful, nothing feels forced and if like me the 'list' of movies in the book are amongst some of your favourites then it will be even more fun as you will recognise all the quotes from them and the little nods of appreciation to them too.

There is nothing much else to say really other than if you like Rom-Com's, you must buy this book.  It will make you smile, laugh and swoon.  Its such a perfect story to take to the beach and it will have you running to your DVD shelf to revisit some of the old classics as soon as you have finished the last page.

I literally can not wait for the author to bring out another book because if it's anything like her first one then I will be first in the queue to buy it.

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