Something a little bit different on the blog today.  I thought I would recommend my favourite pens to you.
Yup, pens.
 I know it might not sound too exciting to some of you but if you are even anything like me in the slightest you will geek out at even the slightest mention of stationery based items.

I'm not kidding if I was offered a 'Dale's Supermarket Shopping Spree' anywhere it would probably be Staples or Paperchase. Seriously, I could spend hours pouring over pens and notebooks and pencils and erasers. 

It does make me laugh when I talk about this with people though because I always think it divides people, half are like ' are you crazy' and then the rest totally confess to being equally obsessed.

So whatever side of the divide you fall on I hope you like this post. 
I love to draw and I have some lovely new moleskin's that I am using to doodle in and paint in.  And some other new ones that I like to make more of an inspiration folder type thing.

I wanted some really nice black pens, as I love working in black and white and just using bold outlines in my work.

I took the opportunity last week when it was lovely and sunny to sit outside and just do a quick little doodle to give my pens a go. And the verdict on them is I LOVE them.

They are so easy to work with, they have such a great variety of nibs and come out with the blackest of black inks even when they dry (I hate that green sheen some black pens have).

I am so excited to keep using them and creating more doodles with them and using them in my other artwork too.

You can buy these pens HERE for £5.76
And the moleskin that I have done my little doodle in above is THIS one and I can't recommend them enough, perfect for doing watercolours, they are £4.78.

Are you as big a fan as I am of all things stationery? Where are your fave places to buy from?