My Beauty Secret

My moisturiser ran out and i started to use Baby Lotion until i could order my new one online.  I always use baby lotion for a couple of days in between my new moisturiser arriving. I have crazily sensitive skin and have taken so many skin reactions to products and make-up and baby lotion is a fail safe product that i know I'm fine with.  But i never normally enjoy using it.  I only ever used a tiny bit and i always felt it was greasy and never really did anything for my skin.

But something happened and now I am in LOVE with it, so much so i haven't bothered ordering a new moisturiser yet.

I had actually taken a reaction to some medicine around the same time i started using this, i was fine, it went away after a few days but as with most skin reactions i have taken, it left my skin feeling  old, withered and dry.  So instead of using the normal amount of baby lotion (a teeny tiny slather) i used a large 5p sized amount and slathered it on my skin and let it sit until it sank in. 
I did this for the next few days until my reaction had gone and i started to notice that my skin had recovered quicker using it, and it was also looking really smooth.  Another week of using the baby lotion in this same way and my skin was so unbelievably soft and clear, and more than anything it was so plump and healthy looking.

I couldn't believe it and i decided to keep trying using the baby lotion this way and not re-purchase my normal moisturiser.

So now i have been using the Baby Lotion for about a month and a bit and i have to say i am more than happy with the outcome of my skin.
I have normal skin but at the top of my nose and along the tops of my eyebrows have always been really dry and even my amazing moisturiser that i love and have used for years has never really done anything to dramatically help that area, but honestly after using the baby lotion for this amount of time, the dry area is no longer dry when i get up in the morning and is so much smoother and non flaky under make-up too.

Because of how much i am using on my face (it's not an excessive amount probably only slightly more than i would use for my normal moisturiser) i was worried about getting a greasy face as the lotion is very greasy, but i haven't found this at all. 
You have to wait a few extra minutes to put your make-up on after you have applied the lotion till it dries in but it literally only takes a few minutes then you can apply your make-up like normal and it doesn't move.

I have no idea how this would work if you have naturally more oily skin or are bothered with blemishes but for me it has taken me by so much surprise.  I couldn't be happier with how my skin is looking.

Because of how sensitive my skin is, i have always had to buy expensive skin care as all the cheaper high street brands i have tried have always made me break out.  I think they just overload the products with too many ingredients and my skin just can not take it.  So i am even more happy that i have finally found a product that is cheap and seems to be working so well on my skin, such a bonus.

Baby Lotion has always been a staple in my house ever since i was wee, it was what my mum used on all me and my sisters as babies and was what i used to always take my make up off with when i first started using make-up (it is awesome at getting off make-up too) but i never saw it as anything more than i would use in between products, like i used it as a body moisturiser when my normal one finished but i never just thought to use it permanently as i didn't think it would be good enough so that's something else i will be rethinking too.

It's funny how changing up how you use a product that has been a staple in your home for years can dramatically change how you see it. 
My mum has such beautiful skin, so smooth and line free for her age and she is always telling me and my sisters that it was only Baby Lotion that she used on her skin until she was in her late thirties and i think that if it has made her skin turn out so well then maybe i am on to a winner, haha!

Johnson & Johnson the makers of Baby Lotion have also came out and pledged that by 2015 all their products will have any potentially harmful chemicals removed from all their adult and baby products across all the brands they own.  They are one of the only massive companies to pledge to remove these chemicals as so many people still say they are 100% safe but Johnsons want to take them out of their products to be on the safe side. You can read more about it HERE.  I think this is a really exciting move forward in skincare too!

Let me know if you are a fan of Baby Lotion too or if your going to give it a try.  Remember and use much more than you need and that's the key to it working!