Kindle Fire HDX Review


Hey lovely people,
Sorry for being a little MIA on the blog the last few days.  My Internet broke but thankfully its all fixed (after a crazy amount of calls to BT ahhhh).

I couldn't wait to show y'all my new sparkly purchase and give you a little review of it.  I know I'm um...majorly late to jump on the tablet bandwagon but I have finally joined the club and bought a Kindle Fire HDX.  Ooh its so pretty!

I was so excited when last week (or there abouts) Amazon had a crazy sale on the Kindle Fire and it had about £80 off.  I had wanted one of these since they came out so I thought it was the perfect time for a little treat. 

Its safe to say it's more than met my expectations.  The size at 7" is perfect for me and exactly what I was looking for.  I choose the 32GB one so that I would have a lot of space on it.  It's so light and easy to hold and it has a really good textured back so it is really easy to grip and hold on to.

The screen is crazy clear, its so amazing that such a wee thing can be such great quality. The touch screen is super responsive too and I've not had any problem at all with it sticking or taking a while to change screens or apps.

Oh and I have to give a mention to the Mayday service, you know the one on the amazon advert.  The temptation to press this constantly and have a wee face pop up on the screen is so high but I've manged to hold myself back!  I had to press it the second night I got it though (seriously it was a legit problem, and I um...kinda just really wanted to press it too) and someone popped up within a few seconds, they were unbelievably helpful and were so fast at fixing the problem.  I had been given a faulty charger so they sent me a new one out the very next day which was just awesome.  The Mayday service really is as cool (and fun) as it looks on the TV its such a great idea and really does cut out that whole emailing back and forth all day to get a problem sorted.

So as this is my first tablet its my first experience with apps really (I know, how 2009) so I think I probably just spent about a whole day looking through the app store.  So much choice... My favourite app so far has got to be the pinterest app, I find it so much easier on the kindle to use than regular pinterest on my laptop, seriously I am now officially a pin addict I think!
I need recommendations though, what are your fave apps, give me a tweet to let me know or leave a comment below.

I am so happy I bought the Kindle Fire HDX as it's just so perfect for me, it's exactly as awesome as I'd hoped it would be.  I already have a normal kindle that I bought years ago.  One that you can only read on and it's in black and white, I love that one so much and its perfect for reading on for me as it doesn't have a backlight, so I'm going to keep that one for my books and keep my Kindle Fire for using as my tablet rather than a reading device. Although I have been reading some magazines on it and the quality is just amazing, so any recommendations for great mags on it too, then let me know?

Do you have a Kindle Fire? Let me know what you think of yours and any app recommendations too!

You can buy my Kindle HERE for £229 (that's the normal price of it, I got mine in the sale)