How to get a golden smokey eye look

So I thought today I would share with you how I achieved the smokey-eyed look I had going on in yesterdays outfit photo and in the ones above too.
I love a smokey- eye but there is something about having blue eyes and putting so much black around them that always makes me think I look a little weird, I think it makes the colour of my eyes look much purer and I always feel I look really different, so because of this I rarely ever do a full on traditional smokey-eye look because it makes me look to 'done up' if you know what I mean, it just look so full on with me.
So I have been trying to play around with doing different version of the smokey-eye that don't look as intense on me but still give off that grungy kinda feel and this is what I have came up with....
I put a dark, less metallic, more rustic gold shadow all over my lids, I put quite a lot on to give a strong colour.
I then took a dark brown eyeshadow and put it on the outer side of my lids and drew it in a kinda arrowhead shape that pointed in diagonal direction to my temples.
I then took a black eyeshadow and put it on the very edge of the brown eyeshadow, this time drawing more of a thick outline on the arrow shape I had made with the brown colour.
It all looks a bit of a mess until you take a blending brush and starting in the inner corner of my eye I just softly brushed the gold slightly over the brown which blended the brown into the black and then I blended the black out of the arrow shape to give a winged look.
It's ok if it still looks a little messy, I just took a cotton bud, put some eye make remover on it and took away all the excess colour I didn't want around my eye and tidied up the shape. I made sure that the outer corner black colour had a flat line going slightly diagonal, up to my temples which gives the winged look.
I then took a black eyeliner pencil and done a teeny tiny thin black line really close to my eyelashes, I didn't flick it out at the end or anything I kept it super simple because I wanted the eyeshadow to be the main feature.
After I put on a couple of coats of mascara, I took the same black eyeliner and drew along my waterline to frame my eyes, I also made a line of black under my lash line not too thick, and used my blending brush from earlier and blended this line under my lashes so it looked softer and less harsh.
I then took my favourite ever gold eyeliner pencil and drew a pretty thick line under the smudged out black line but I didn't blend this out I just left it, as even though its quite thick, its still quite subtle as its gold but it really helps to give that grunge look to your eyes.
And there you have it, my alternative to an all black smokey- eye.
I used the gold because I think the colour flatters my blue eyes but I also think it really suits all eye colours really well too.
It still gives you that undone, cool 'just woke up' smokey look but without being as dramatic and I feel like it doesn't make my eyes look as intense as the all black does which I like.
What I would say is that it's just trial and error, I felt like this variation worked for me but maybe you'll feel like you want to add more black to the gold or make your gold shade more metallic for more of a pop, its totally up to you.
I would love to hear what you think and please let me know if you give it a go too!
Here are the products I used on my eyes-
Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow (gold colour) £14
Estee Lauder brown shadow
Urban Decay Blackout (Black Colour) £14
Mac Black pencil eyeliner


Lois J said...

SO pretty! :) I'm gonna try this later x

ColourMeIn SC said...

The outcome was so pretty! x

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Domonique Wilson said...

This is definitely my go to make-up look for nights out. As I have blue eye's too I know what you mean about dark shades being a little over powering. Very pretty : )