Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner Review

I had heard so much hype about this product, literally every review I read said that it was the best thing since slice bread.  I really love the idea of the what this liner is and does and I thought it would be perfect for me so I went ahead and bought it, and here is my review of it...

The Con's - So I only ever really blog about products that I am literally in love with on my blog so there is never normally any con's in my reviews but this one is a little different. I always tell you honestly what I think about a product so it's only fair that I tell you about the downside to what I thought about this one too.  In all honestly I feel so disappointed in this liner pen.  My hopes were so high for it being this crazy, cool invention that would cut down my make-up time and help me achieve my favourite look - the cat eye flick - in no time at all, but unfortunately that hasn't been my experience with it at all. I have been putting on eyeliner and perfecting my feline flick since I was about 14, I've used kohl, pencil, liner and gel so I feel like I am able to judge this product fairly after having perfected my technique and used so many different brands in the past.  My liner of choice is now Gel, I used the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in black and have been for years, I have never found anything that comes close it but I thought hearing the reviews for this I may have found a rival but alas I haven't.  What Benefit say about this product is that this is the first Gel liner pen, you turn the little bit at the bottom of the pen once and enough gel comes out for your eyes.  It has a special design at the top of the pen that is meant to make applying it easier and the shape of the nib is meant to make it quicker too.
Unfortunately I wouldn't agree with any of their statements about the pen.  I think the gel is really thick and quite gloopy that comes out the pen, even after using it a good handful of times its still taking me double (seriously it took me over 15 Min's today to do my eyeliner, ain't nobody got time fo' that) the time it normally does to do my liner, I can normally get both eyes done in a couple of minutes. 
I am having to turn the bottom of the pen at least two or three times per eye as literally nothing  comes out, and the special nib at the top just makes the whole thing so much more difficult.  It's a flexible nib so it can go 'over itself' when you put too much pressure on it and then you have eyeliner up your eyelid. 
Also after doing my eyeliner for so many years I normally use whatever eyeliner tool I'm using liquid, pen, pencil or brush on its side to get a good angle, which is something I would imagine most people would do, well this pen can't really be used on its side or nothing comes out, it has to be used straight on for the product to come out evenly which to me really doesn't make any sense at all.
To be honest, if this was the first eyeliner that you'd ever bought I would completely understand how you might think eyeliner is so hard and tricky to apply and that a cat eye flick is nearly impossible to do without it taking up most of your day to achieve and I think that's such a shame because their are so many eyeliners out there that are so much easier to use than this one.

The Pro's - Well I love Benefit.  Half of my make-up bag is filled with benefit products and I think they are such an awesome brand so I adore all the packaging that comes with this liner.  I also really have to stress how much I love the idea, like really I never normally go for products that are just new out but I just thought this sounded so amazing and would save me so much time that I had to buy it, it's just a shame it hasn't turned out well for me.  But if they made some small adjustments I think it would be such an amazing product.  The lasting wear time for the gel was good it really didn't budge once it was on and my gosh it really wouldn't come off, it took a lot of eye makeup remover to get it off so it really is waterproof to the max.  As you can see in the images above it is really true black too, which I think is a must in black liner, it doesn't go greeny or grey either.

So all in all I'm not a fan but remember this is just my opinion and I have seen that so many people love it which kinda blows my mind but each to their own right?  You know, I was reading this bloggers glowing review who had been sent the product and part of me actually wondered if mines is faulty because mine just literally does not work the same as they said theirs did?
  I just wanted to give you my honest review, I really wasn't even going to post this as I hate to throw shade on any product but I just felt like there was so much hype and such an unbalanced view out there about the product that I just really wanted to put my own experience of it out there.  I would really, really love to hear what you think of this liner, are you a fan?

If you want to try the eyeliner you can buy it HERE for £18.50


Milly Youngman said...

Thanks for an honest review! Although I normally trust blogs, sometimes when a company's sent out a product and it's all glowing reviews for PR samples, I can get a bit suspicious...I'd still like to give this a go, but my under £10 favourites manage to do a brilliant job, so I don't know if I really need to spend that much on a new liner!


Jaq Stevens said...

You're not the only one who hasn't been blown away by this product. In fact, yours is the 3rd less than glowing review that I've seen so far this week. Thank you so much for being honest!

Jaq @

Lois J said...

Saved myself some money there then! Thanks chick :) x

Monika Ozdoba said...

You look so stunning and gorgeous honey. Love it! ♥

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