Mally Poreless Face Defender

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I am a massive fan of Mally make-up and have blogged about her products before.  If your not familiar with Mally, she is an American make-up artist who works with some of the biggest names in celebland and is most famous for working with J-Lo and Beyoncé and creating their signature flawless bronzed looks.
Mally has her own make-up range which is sold exclusively here in the UK on QVC although I know in America it's sold in many more places.
I have always wanted to try this product.  It's called the Poreless Face Defender.  I've always just thought it looked so intriguing and I have heard so much hype about it I just wanted to see if it lived up to it.
Basically you use it instead of finishing powder. So after you have done your make up, you pat this on to your skin and it keeps your make up in place until you take it off, stops it from going cakey and takes away any shine you have and you can keep reapplying it throughout the day to cover shine if you want too!
It really is an amazing product and it's just as awesome as all the other reviews I read made it out to be.  It makes my make-up look so much better, it gives it a kind of flawless, poreless looking finish and my make-up has stayed in place all day every time I've wore it.
I wish so much you could see in these pictures what it looks like better but it's such a strange texture, it's so hard to photograph.
The closest thing I could compare it to would be a sort of compact of silicone like gel, its not rubbery or sticky, it sort of feels like silk when you touch it.  Its super weird but in a good way and it just feels really beautiful on your skin.
For anyone wanting to try something different or if you are getting fed up of translucent powders not being very translucent then I would definitely give this a try.
You can buy it HERE for £35.01 and you get the lovely soft sponge with it too!