Coffee Table Book Review


I have been in love with the tumblr Humans Of New York for a while now and I have even blogged about it before HERE
It's such a simple idea, a guy named Brandon who loved taking photographs moved to New York and started taking pictures, he realised that the pictures that were connecting to most people were the portraits so he started to just concentrate on taking them, he then started to ask the people he was taking pictures of simple questions and their often surprising and heartfelt answers mixed with these beautiful images is how Humans of New York became what it is today.

I saw a little while ago that Brandon was releasing a book and I just knew I had to have it, I was lucky that it came out around the same time as my birthday so one of my sisters got me it and I have to say its honestly one of the most beautiful books.  Its the definition of what a coffee table book should be.  No matter where I have had it lying around my house someone has always gravitated towards it and started reading it, its one of those that people just want to look through.

Even if like me your an avid reader of the tumblr, don't worry as there are tons and tons of new never before seen images, I would say they make up most of the book.  You also get to hear more about Brandon's story and how Humans of New York came to be what it is today.

I honestly can not recommend this enough to you, the images are absolutely stunning and inspiring, I would love to frame some of them as they just capture such beautiful moments but the thing that I love most about the book is the questions and the answers that the people give, some will have you in tears and some will just fill you with so much joy and happiness.  It really is amazing how Brandon gets so much from people by just asking them one simple question.

It truly is a really special book, even if your not a fan of the tumblr, I don't see many people not enjoying have a read of this.  I literally want to buy one as a gift for everyone I know as I think it would make the most perfect present.

I honestly could write about it all day I just love it but I won't haha!
Let me know if you've read it and what you think?
Or if your a fan of the tumblr already?

You can buy the book HERE on amazon or you can get it much cheaper HERE or check out the tumblr HERE


Josie said...

This looks like a really good read! I've never heard of the tumblr before but just checked it out, it's fab and so unique! x

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