ASOS Personal Stylist


This week my favourite ever online store ASOS launched a new Personal Stylist service and as soon as I heard about it I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Basically ASOS have hired a handful of stylists to talk to you one on one via live chat (think MSN circa 2005) They are there to give you advice on any style dilemma you have, offer you inspiration or help you find that look-a-like outfit that you saw on your fave celeb.

All you have to do is click on the 'Personal Stylists' page and a little box appears in the right hand corner saying 'Chat to a stylist' and basically that's all you do .

They ask for your name and if your a boy or girl and there is a little box to type in what you are wanting help with.  I just said that I was looking to find the perfect summer basics for my wardrobe that I could mix and match with anything. 
Within seconds your matched to a stylist (or if you'd rather you can pick your own, maybe if you've already spoke to someone before It would be easier sticking with the one person as they will already know your likes and dislikes)
I got paired with Rachel who was so super duper helpfully and sweet to chat with. 
To get started Rachel asked me some questions about what I was looking for, my size and if I had any style crush's or trends that I was loving after filling her in on my Olsen twin style obsession she took me to the style board which was awesome, it was like finding a little secret section of ASOS.  It was basically their own version of pinterest.
Whilst still chatting Rachel went and found me some options and stuck them up on the style board so I could see them too, I then told her what I liked and didn't like and we went from there.

It was such a great experience, Rachel really got what I was describing to her (which isn't always easy when you are having a conversation in writing rather than face to face) and I came away with so many lovely options to consider and a sweater that I had been wanting for ages but couldn't find myself on there website but she managed to pick it out for me.

All in all the chat lasted about 40 Min's, which sounds long but it just flew by.  I took extra long as I really wanted to try out the whole experience and she gave me a lot of options to look at too.  You could chat for 5 mins or as long as you want till you find what your looking for.  The best thing is you are under no obligation to buy which I was a bit worried about but thankfully once the chats over you just say your goodbyes and are left to ponder if you want to buy or not, they don't even ask if you purchase anything, so don't worry that they will be forceful with the hard sell as they aren't at all!

I love ASOS, I buy from it on a super regular basis (Asos premier is literally the best thing since sliced bread, right) but I will admit that the one thing that I think can sometimes put people off a bit is the amount of choice on the website and it can be a bit overwhelming when you type in 'white tee' and 12 pages appear and you sort of think, right that's the rest of my night gone trawling through pages to find a t-shirt, which is why I think this new personal stylist service is so genius.  They literally do all the hard work for you and you don't need to trawl through the site anymore.

Also I think it's perfect if your looking for a full outfit for maybe a party or a wedding and your not too sure on how to put it together, to have someone at the touch of a button be able to do that for you is just rad I think.

I was so excited by it and it was actually really fun and not awkward at all, which to be honest I thought it might be talking to a stranger over a live chat but it was really comfortable because of the way it's all set up.

I can't recommend using it enough, I will be all the time as I just think it will be so handy and great for when you just need a bit of inspiration on what to wear.

The service is completely free (awesome) and is available from Sunday to Friday 3-8 PM and on a Saturday its available from 12-4 PM. 
It's only currently available on ASOS UK.

Let me know if you've given this a go and what you thought of it?