The Heidi Plait

 photo 66588d25-3763-45cf-8941-d43eb0f1f838_zps435f0635.jpg  photo 68cbe5dc-d8af-4667-a1d7-b8e5f56124c4_zps40bbb420.jpg

I have well and truly jumped on the Heidi plaits bandwagon.  I'm not usually one for following but I just think this is such a super cute trend and it's so perfect when you have long hair and want to be a bit more imaginative than throwing it up in a ponytail or bun (which are my go-to's).

Because my hair is dark at the top and much lighter at the bottom (unintentionally ombre) the plaits kinda look like they are extensions stuck on my head or something, but I like the contrast and I think it makes it stand out a little more.

I just did a middle parting down my head, did two normal plaits, like old school pigtails and then pulled one over my head and pinned some Kirby-grips in the middle of the plait until it caught some hair underneath, to secure it in place.  I put them in the middle of the plait so you couldn't spot them once the style was finished.

I then did the same with the other plait, my hair is super thick so instead of crossing them over the top of each other I sort of laid them side by side instead, kind of diagonally.

I like it to look messy so I pulled some bits out the front, you can also see little bits of hair popping out the plait and the hair-bobbles that I secured the ends in with but I quite like that, and it literally took 10 minutes to do from beginning to end!

Are you a fan of this style?
What is your go to hair style at the moment?

P.S. Sorry about the crazy colour of these photos.  I had to put a filter over them which I never normally do just because they came out weirdly grainy.


Laura//daisychaindream said...

I love this style, I've never been able to master it myself though! x

Smeeeff said...

I do this but I call it the Frida! I'm too obsessed with the lady and Mexico in general.

It's such an easy style and is my go to when I only have 5minutes to get ready xx