Sunday Show and Tell


Happy Easter Y'all.  Hope your all having a lovely day.  Here are some of my favourite links from this week to hopefully make you smile even more than this picture of the cutest chicks in the world did!

1.  I'm so intrigued by the fact that Sia writes like nearly every pop song on the radio even though she is such an anti-popstar.  HERE is her story and the story behind some of the biggest songs she has written in her own words. I can't get the Britney song Perfume she wrote out of my head, I love it!

2. This week I watched Frozen for the first time and I totally get the hype.  All that is going round my head at the moment is "Do you wanna build a snowman".  HERE is the story behind the awesome songs from the writers.

3.  Super cute idea.

4.  The real women who is behind The Gentlewomen Magazine.

5.  Such a fun Store.

The photo above is from my Pinterest. Have a peek and follow it HERE